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What's it like to live in Seattle?
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Advice Needed on 2 weeks NZ Itinerary

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I'm planning to visit New Zealand in this November around 11 - 12 Nov, with everything not booked yet. My itinerary :

12 Nov : Arrive at CHC
13 Nov : CHC - Arthur's Pass ( stop for 3 hrs for lunch and explore National Park ) - Hokitika
14 Nov : Morning visit Hokitika Gorge, drive to Fox's Glacier. Book Guided Helihike or Guided Hike ( is prebook required?)
15 Nov : Visit Lake Matheson in the morning, do the Fox's Glacier tour
16 Nov : If unable to do FG Tour ytd, do today and then ride to Wanaka ( 5 - 6 Hrs leisure drive )
17 Nov : Wanaka - Roy's Peak - The Lonely Wanaka tree
18 Nov : Wanaka - Te Anau (depart afternoon, morning either relax or do paragliding / last photo ops walk)
19 Nov: Te Anau Milford Sound Tour - Queenstown (0645 check out from hostel, drive to Milford Sound, be present 20 mins before cruise time. Afternoon around 4/5pm drive to Queenstown for 3 - 4 hrs drive)
20 Nov : Queenstown - Glenorchy / Explore the Lakes
21 Nov : Queenstown - Twizel / Pukaki / Mt Cook
22 Nov : Twizel/Pukaki - Hooker Valley Track
23 Nov : Twizel/ Pukaki - Lake Tekapo
24 Nov : Lake Tekapo - Christchurch
25 Nov : Fly out of ChristChurch
Is above itinerary feasible? I'm cutting Te Anau to 2D1N, simply because i wanted to stay 1N in Tekapo.

For Te Anau, i just want to do the Milford Cruise in the morning after checking out. I understand that i don't need to book and i can get a cruise from the cruise center, but i need to arrive before 10 am or get a later cruise for 2 hrs. Obviously the price would be expensive around 169 - 170 NZD, correct?
As for the FG, please advise if i should drop it. It seems to be a weather dependent activity that i won't enjoy should it fail. Is it really worth it?
Since i will be driving a rental sedan with rates around 33-45 NZD ( with insurance hopefully ), i wonder if there's something that i need to know about driving left handed in NZ? How much would i spend for fuel over this course of 2 weeks?
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Traveling without a camera

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When I first started traveling I used to lug around a Canon 60D with a nice lens, I got great photos and lots of love on Facebook. Over time I started noticing how every other tourist was doing the same thing, crowds of us all holding up cameras and phones for some reason. To document the existence of the subject? To prove we were there? To create art? To try to hang on to a moment? Narcissism? I don't know, but I realized professional photographers have been let in without the crowds to take perfect photos, so I don't need to take any for the subject's sake.

So now I travel without a camera and just walk through the crowds snapping thousands of photos, and just experience the moment and try to appreciate its impermanence. Anyone else do that or have any thoughts on the subject?
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Who is applying for ESL? Its that time of year again to apply for the JET program- which is one of the most coveted and highest paid programs.

I tried applying twice to the JET program, and didn't get an interview both times. I probably won't even apply this time. I will most likely just get automatically disqualified for my history with depression and taking anti-depressants- the application process if very specific about depression, and even requires a medical transcript.

I'm also a hapa, half Japanese half white. And Asians often do get discriminated against in the application process. I probably wouldn't be treated too well either if I were to teach in Korea too.
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Tibet Mountains / individual travel itinerary

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Realistically. Can I travel in Tibet by myself? I know the permits and it seems its very difficult to get around them. Always having a middle man to hold my papers and keeping an eye on me. Background: I am pretty good to do travels by myself. I can spend days / week in nature without getting lost or dying. But this is I feel a political reason. So for people who traveled to Tibet, do I need to follow the rules, stick to the guided walks with other tourists? Many times, the visa policy of a country is strict and serious but in reality it's rarely enforced that way.
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Just got back from a 13 months motorcycle trip.

Ask me anything.
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Hey /trv/ I'm planning on a trip through a few towns in Turkey in July next year.
I'm going to go to Bodrum with a ferry from Greece and then to Datça for a few days to visit a friend there.

I'm trying to decide if I should go straight from Datça to Istanbul(via plane) or to go to İzmir first for a few days then Istanbul(many friends I want to visit) and back to Netherlands.

Any other places I should defnitely visit on the west coast of Turkey? Or places to avoid.
I know there's a lot of scammers but generally what else should I avoid?
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>come home from backpacking trip
>put backpack in corner
>life is now on standby mode until next trip
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is thailand really that shitty?
some anon in another thread said everyone is out to scam you all the women have hiv and the whole place is a giant sewer.
I sorta got negative about my first solo trip i was planning and now not sure anymore.
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where can i find some cheap isolation

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How can I find a comfy cabin-esque place to stay (pic semi related). I'm looking for somewhere in the upstate NY/MA/VT area on Airbnb, but everything there seems like someone is renting out an addition to their house. I want to be as isolated as possible in an area where people won't hear me.