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is travelling alone fun? or is it boring, especially when your an autist and can't socialise well?
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Stuff to do in Sweden

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I'll be checking out Lund and Gothenburg for a day each and will be in Stockholm for 3. (mid July) Here's a few things i want to know about-

>Party scene in Lund
>Cheapest possible way to eat across the country
>Nature preserves/ national parks around Stockholm that are (somewhat) easily accessible.
>Cool museums/ galleries or attractions in any of the mentioned cities that aren't tourist traps

Feel free to share your travel experiences if any
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Share the day

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Share your days
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Philippines thread

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No unneeded politics please, keep it travel topics only.
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How the fuck are peoeple/millenials traveling?

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>$650 for 2 days flight car and hotel
I make $750 a week and I'd be paying almost much just to fly there on a friday and fly back sunday.
How are all my college aged friends traveling all over the US/Europe so frequently? is it all on credit? Are they really not as in debt as they claim?
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can someone help me to find out which place is it in Shanghai? Thanks
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hola amigos

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hola amigo's I am starting my new journey in life and am moving to mexico to become an english teacher, i will be living there for atleast 1 year but i hope to marry a beautiful mexican woman and raise a family there one day, can anyone give me tips about living in mexico, if any of you have ever been, graicas
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Where the fuck do people get money to travel for a year lads?

People take gap years from uni or go travelling even though they got a salary of £24k. I don’t get it.
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I'll prolly spend next year studying in Reading, England. Any general information on the city (ie nightlife, things to do, general atmosphere and such)
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Canada general - tourist's guides

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Has anyone ever traveled into Canada before?
Thought I could make a thread about it since there's none posted up on the board.
By all means though please feel free to ask about any questions that's related to the topics of this thread:
>Moving into Canada
>Hostels Check-in
>Best Landscapes to check-out
>Studying in Canada
>Teaching in Canada
>Planning on a Trip/Traveling
>Greatest tourist Destinations
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