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Anyone done the Mexico backpacker trail?

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I'm curious if anyone has done a route like this and if they would recommend it. I want to do some overland/slow travel in Mexico and this looks like a good trip to start. I chose major cities but would probably make more stops along the way.
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Just a heads up, I'm THAT GUY who takes horrendous shits and clogs the hostel toilet.
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hey i will be in toronto for a week over christmas. i will rent a car, see the niagara falls. what else? how is the nightlife? also can i buy weed legally there?
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So, Mr. Anon. It says here on your resume that you spent the last three years traveling. Care to explain?
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Best jobs for /trv/

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What are the best and easiest skillsets or jobs for regular international travel. Not talking about English teaching and living abroad, just travel.
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South Africa

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Let’s talk about South Africa - any experiences, anecdotes or recommendations are appreciated, particularly for solo travellers
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Việt Nam Gễnẻrậl- Taxi driver showdown edition

What are the things you are enjoying about Vietnam? Post the things that piss you off about it. Share advice or questions if you are thinking about coming to Vietnam. Share cool hidden places or things that happened that you found in this country.
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>American carriers
>9 hour flight
>drink cart only comes twice
>food is awful
>service is shit
Why can't Americans do air travel correctly, like Europe?
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Do you trust women pilots?
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Hostel long-term living

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Does any one have experience living long-term at the same/a few hostels while doing non-travel stuff like school or work?

Doing an elective in Sri Lanka next autumn for three months, thinking about living in a hostel to save money.
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