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What does /trv/ think about Finland ?

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Some stories or advices to give me ?
I'm going for a Erasmus trip in the North of Finland
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Well, /tv/?
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Going to Amsterdam for 4 days with my brother. Apart from the red lighting and smoking. What else is there to do?
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American tourists

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ITT share the worst experience you've had with an American tourist.

>tour of Musee Rodin with curator
>stop at a sculpture and curator begins explaining the history behind it
>American interrupts the curator and loudly exclaims "He looks like he's saying dude pass me the football!" and cackles
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Has anyone here ever dated a bar girl?

I went to a Fetish club a few days ago and went into a private room with one of the girls. I paid for the room and her time, we had great chemistry and had sex.

Went there again yesterday and she was so excited to see me. Told me to meet her outside after work so they don't notice she's with one of the customers out of work, which she's not allowed to. After her work we went to my hostel and fucked. For free.

I've read somewhere that the distinction between working girls and regular girls is not so clear in Southeast Asia like in the west, but the situation is pretty weird for me.

She asked for my Facebook and I said I'm not using it. Obviously I'm not a customer anymore but what is she expecting? We're not gonna have a long term relationship because we can barely communicate, we do it mostly through Google Translate. I just want to have some non attached fun for the time I'm here but it's this clear to her? If not, how do I make it clear without being a huge asshole?

Advice appreciated from anyone who's been in a similar situation, thanks.
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/cg/ - China General - TanTan wins edition

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>China General

Feel free to ask about:
>moving to china
>living in china
>teaching in china
>fucking in china

>Shanghai? (Big city life)

>Chengdu? (Panda's and food)

>Shenzhen? (Tech/Programmer documentary)

>Wanna know what pisses the chinese off?
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travelling while black

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any black bros in here with any sorts of stories/experiences while travelling in far off lands?

i went on the trans Siberian railway once through russia and seemed to be stared at much more often than i was used to. mongol looking folks were interested in me and kept wanting to take pictures together.

any one have anything they want to share?
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How do you guys sustain travelling all the time? The average american gets like 10 days of vacation a year. Is everyone here unemployed/self-employed or am i missing something? Also what do you do about the gap in your CV if you travelled for a longer period of time?
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Interrailing Europe

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Me and two friends are going interrailing in Europe for 1 month, and this is the first time any of us are traveling for this long.

Do you have any suggestions of where to go/not to go?

And possibly any tips on what you can do during a trip like this.
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