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Did you know that Poland has mountains like this

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Should I go home?

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I'm American and I've been in Thailand for almost a year. I have a pretty serious girlfriend now who I live with (no she's not a hooker, bar girl, ladyboy, stripper, masseuse, karaoke hostess etc). For some reason I feel guilty staying here while all my friends and family are back in the states. Everything in Bangkok is so easy. The weather is nice (I don't like cold weather), its super cheap, its easy to get laid, it's fun, people are chill... meanwhile where I'm from (California) is infested with niggers, insanely over priced, cold as fuck in the winter (norcal), depressing and also way harder to get laid plus I'd be living with my parents cause its all I can afford. Why do I feel so weird considering that I might never go back home? What's wrong with me? Why do I feel guilty about staying here?
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is gringophobia a thing?

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in south america atm, just went out for dinner at my now ex-local last night and they practically ignored me and served raw chicken. i yelled at them and refused to pay, probably never going back there. i speak spanish well, always give the recommended tip etc. do they hate me because i'm with one of their women? or was this just bad luck?
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I just want to see the country I live in.
why must it be so expensive, I can barely even afford my tuition.
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USA city travel tier list bc why not
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You'll never be this based.

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"He said Risby-Jones said at the gathering that he “regretted getting emotional” on the night in which he lashed out, running down the road outside the resort and striking out at people after emerging from his hotel room with no clothes on. He had been drinking earlier that night from a bottle of vodka."
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Flying to Seattle in a weak to visit a friend. First time in Washington, what should I do?
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How do you travel for cheap?
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Geomaxx general

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In this thread we discuss which countries are best to escape hoeflation, if that's still possible .
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