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Retarded Travel Stories.

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When I was 18, I backpacked Georgia. I never booked hotels in advance, I only do the moment I arrive.

However, once it happened that in Kutaisi I just couldn't find a place to sleep. I booked an Airbnb, but it looked like slaughter house, ngl. So I ran away. Told the host I'm not staying.

And then I wandered around the city for like 2 hours, hotel2hotel. I passed like 3 different hotels and they all said they are full. I don't understand how or why.

It was August. Extremely hot weather. Extreme humidity. It wouldn't be that bad, but then my phone battery died. In the middle of nowhere. I had no power bank. Nothing. I entered the nearby hotel I could find, in hopes to finally get accommodation. And nobody was in here. Only later I found that the hotel seems to be in renovation? I'm not really sure why did they list it on Booking. However... I had full access, to all the rooms. The beds were still covered in plastic. (Thread video is the place, I stayed for like 20 minutes and nobody came.)

So I stayed here for a bit, charged my phone, and went again looking for a place to sleep.

I ended up in some brewery. He scanned my passport. I paid him 80GEL and went inside the room. It was really strange room. Barely working AC. No fridge. And dirt all over the bathroom. Did they not clean it? Did I really just paid $30 for this? I don't know. I decided I better be sleep on the streets, than sleep here. I went downstairs and I told him I'm not sleeping inside the room, remember this was some brewery. He took me in the back and I thought he's going to beat the shit out of me. 4 different guys standing. Luckily, no questions and they happily gave me the money back.

I then found some another airbnb, so I spent the night there. It was hilarious. I loved it.

Lessons learned:
1) Next time I'm going to bring a powerbank or at least a fast charger.
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Dreams about travel

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>me in my dream needs to get a flight and it was something like 2pm departure
>wake up in the morning
>everything was perfect, arrieved the airport
>go to ticket
>realize i misunderstood. it was 3th 2am, the fucking early morning.
>feels like great depression came again

What's the implication of dreaming missing flight?

Also post your dreams about travel. good or bad, no matter.
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Thoughts on big backpacks? Do you prefer them over rolling luggage?
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Greece- November and December

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I'm coming from Bitola in North Macedonia into Greece in November thinking about either generally heading east towards Thessaloniki then into Istanbul, or heading south and maybe taking a ferry to izmir.

I like to travel slow spending a week or more per city. I don't care about nightlife or whores or drugs just like to experience the ambience and day life, sights, parks, food, people observations

Any thoughts on which would be better? Nice cities to check out on the way....
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/jpeg/ Japan General

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>When will Japan open to tourists again?
Next week
>OK, but seriously, when will Japan be open to tourists?
Probably October? They're very close to scrapping restrictions.

>Japanese news
>News by gaijin for gaijin

>How do I travel by public transportation?
Use Google Maps within cities, install the Hyperdia or Jorudan app for intercity travel
>Dude, what should I see in ________?
>Solid general guides - sights, sample itineraries, pre-travel considerations, etc

ーCurrent status on the Miyajima Floating Torii Gateー
Under construction. Consequently, it's not worth visiting Miyajima.

ーInfo on Prositutionー
Most brothels in Japan don't allow in foreigners, and the ones that do are notoriously expensive - at least $400USD per hour. If you're mainly interested in cooming go to another country.
Please stop asking questions about this topic without refering to the /trv/ archives under, or to one of the websites below before.

ーJR Passー
JR Rail Pass is worth it? It depends on your itinerary.
Plug your itinerary into Hyperdia to determine ticket costs, then compare to the below JR Pass options:
>7 day Pass: 29,110¥ (approximately a Tokyo-Kyoto round-trip bullet train trip)
>14 day Pass: 46,390¥
>21 day Pass: 59,350¥
Super-easy rail pass calculator. Fill in your planned trips, get a quick yes/no response.
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do I need to avoid some places in america or I can walk anywhere I want?
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I want to move to Argentina. Where do you start? What do you need?
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/rcg/ - Roller Coaster General

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Oblivion Edition

Previous thread: >>2318564

>What is this thread?
/rcg/ was created as a way for the roller coaster enthusiasts on here to discuss all things roller coasters and theme parks. While roller coasters are the main focus of these threads, there is also discussion on other theme park rides, as well as the parks themselves and trip planning too.
>Can I talk about Disney/Universal in this thread?
Absolutely! Disney discussion of all sorts including resorts/dining/trip planning is OK.

Thread Pro-tip: If you're waiting in line for a ride with your gf (or bf) be sure to be as intimate as possible with them in front of everyone else in line.

Roller Coaster Database:

Amusement Park News Sites:

Disney Park News:
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Where to move onto after Japan

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So, it seems that even if I have a student visa and a guarantor the University are recommending that I book a return flight before departing, like some kind of tourist.

It seems cheaper to fly to a neighbouring country/city like Seoul, Taiwan or Hong Kong than to go all the way home.
So, lads who have been to East Asia before, what are we recommending?
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Leaving China General

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Been living in corrupt shithole (China) my entire life. Need to escape. Looking at Melbourne and Vancouver in particular. Which city is better for Chinese citizens?
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