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Best state to live in?

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Hey /trv/, was doing research on which state to live in and I narrowed it down to 3 options… but since I’m not a local I decided to get some outside advice…

New Hampshire, Nevada and Colorado… are those states good n’ free or shit and California-like? If not then what recommendations might you guys have
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Three Texas Plan

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What is the state of Trinity like?

Trinity is discussed in the video shortly after 8:10.
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Ireland general

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I'm thinking of heading to dublin for a week or so in the next weeks, is it a bad time/idea?
Any local or past visitor can dispense some tips and insider recommandations on what to do, to see, to eat, where to stay, how to not spend a boatload of money etc.?
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how does France compare to the us? I think French culture seems much more relaxed and laid back while also not being a 3rd world country. Can you make any comparisons? Would it be worth living in or is it a shithole also? One of the things that attracts me
To it is the motorbike scene but I’m aware that is only a minuscule detail.
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Why is france so overrated ?

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Which pushed the meme that is france ? Why do people still visit it when there are more beautiful countries right next door (germany, italy,spain). Its just trashy cities and boring dirty countryside you can find in any post industrial state.
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Tell me about Georgia and its capital Tbilisi. Thinking of moving there with a group of friends for half a year to work remotely as a digital nomad in coworking spaces/cafes. How is life there as a western european (german). I'm in the field of software dev/IT security. Are there any notable hotspots in Georgia for young IT entrepreneurs?
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/STG/ - Sex Tourism General

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In an effort to keep all the coomers in one thread, sexpats please participate here.

My question for you all is: Where in the world can I LEGALLY produce porn at the CHEAPEST cost?

My conditions are that it’s not African or the Middle East. Thailand and Philippines have been known to have cheap sex workers, but making porn isn't legal there.

I am a young, educated, upper middle class, American degenerate with some time on my hands. Where can I go for a few months to live my dream of producing a bunch of cheap content and monetizing it on Onlyfans or some other platform?
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I'm going to trumpland. Will land at JFK and travel further. by car.

Some questions:

Can I drink the tap water?
Should I bring soap and toilet paper or will I be able to buy these items inside the US?
I heard health care is a problem in the US, must I bring some medicines in case I need them like aspirin?
Also, is it possible to buy a gun to have during my travels in case I need to protect from criminals or animals?

Thanks cheers!
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>cheap as fuck
>attractive women
>good food
>no lockdowns, not hard to get in

Why the fuck are you not in Turkey right now?
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shitty airport experiences

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>just arrived in tunesia for transit
>got to get to my gate and let my boarding pass be printed
>enter a tiny room, 5 meter x 15meter or so
>door i came through is a one- way door
>infront of the only exit theres a backage scanner
>on the left 2 airport workers
>on the right 2 cops
>around the left corner like 2 dozen people sitting looking tired and wasted as fuck
>security 1 listens to me, takes my passport tells me to sit down
>thinking aight all good, im white, european, all good
>my flight to nice already boarding
>sit next to some guy
>he starts talking to me
>says hes italian, that they wont let him enter
>that hes waiting for 4 fucking hours already
>that they got his passport but are just ignoring him
>he tells me many there have those issues
>starting to worry about my flight
>that these workers there are assholes not doing their job
>didnt sleep all night b4 as i left at 6am with neet sleeping rhytm so thats not helping either
>to to the security guy again ask them whatsup
>dude has no cue wtf i want from him lol
>start explaining again that i need my ticket, that my plane is boarding
>he tells me to sit down again
>i dont
>keep standing there
>he just sits there staring into his phone
>i ask him again
>he fucking says he doesnt know what i want
>starting to sweat a bit, theyre fucking with us wtf
>starting to bother him nonstop now
>he calls someone mentions allemagne something
>finally he prints my boarding pass
>thinking i made it so i walk out
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