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Are there any poorfag-friendly tourist destinations in Mexico or Southern US? Any place that's got some forests nearby and a town center with well-preserved old buildings and a few museums would be fine by me.
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remote work

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any digital nomads or we the fuck they are called wanna chime in? how to score these cushy gigs? i have applied on weworkremotely and angelList and gotten one offer and a couple interviews.
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The Golden Era of Travel is STILL over

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Hey guys, me again. Remember me?

I'm just here to remind you that I was right and most of you were wrong, again. Are you starting to realize that it's really over yet? No? What is it going to take?

Where are all the guys that were globetrotting and living it up LAST YEAR. You still hanging out there just living the free back packing lifestyle like Leonardo Dicaprio in the beach? Still just chilling like the surfers in Point Break? Still partying like the kids in National Lampoons European Vacation? What other movies are out there you will NEVER be able to imitate?
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Crossing illegally into US

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UKfag here. I want to escape to communist dystopia that is the UK and go to Texas (or anywhere in the good 'ol south where work is available), but legal entrance, let alone emigration, is forbidden now. SO:
1) Can I, a blond, blue-eyed Brit, join the Latino migrant caravans over the border, given the Biden abandonment of the integrity of the US borders?
2) Would I be able to find illegal work? (I'll do anything)
3) Would I be left alone by the authorities, or even able to gradually get legally established?
PS I'd vote for Trump if given the chance, and will be a flag-waving, almost nauseously patriotic future American. Serious answers only please.
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My favorite travel show clip ever is Huell Howser at the Bagdad Cafe, which despite its name is somewhere in the Mojave Desert.

Everyone in the video is a character. I especially like General Bob, who seems legitimately angry to be interviewed.
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Ask a person going crazy from lockdown in Saigon anything

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Where can I go to relax and get laid right now?

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I am a young burger with a reasonable stash of money. Been working a lot and my low quality fucks have been few and far in-between, plus this retarded "pandemic" has turned my head inside out so I could use a real vacation. This isn't explicitly sex tourism, it would just be nice to get away to some comfy resort and zone out and drink in a foreign location, but it would be pretty lame to not get any pussy during that time.

It seems like Mexico is my main option, what can you tell me about the whole situation there?
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anyone else here miss some of the older planes that used to fly? i feel like getting on one of these was always a sign that youre gonna have a good trip.
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Three months in London

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I am moving to London for three months to see if I like it or if it's as much of a shit hole as I remember.

I would like an area where:
> I will not get diversified with a machete
> Whites are not a minority

I know this is hard for London but where would you suggest? Price is no object, I can spend up to a few £1000 per month on rent. Somewhere fairly central (Zone 1 or 2).
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A vacation under 60 days isn’t worth it

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After neeting in a different country for almost a year now, I realize that a 2 week vacation is a fucking joke. You might as well not take a vacation at all.

In my opinion, your vacation should be so long, that by the end, you’re actually sick of it and want to go work and be productive. Imagine going some place and after not even adjusting to the place it’s RIPPED away from you and your STUFFED back into your miserable office
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