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Is traveling the U.S. fun? I'm considering going to all 50 states (48 in one road trip, the other two sometime else), but I'm worried everything is going to blend together and I'll meet the exact same Amerigolem everywhere. Never left my state, so don't know how likely this is.
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going back for the summer, is there literally anything interesting to do in this shithole?
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What makes a good hostel

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If you ran a hostel what would you do to make it good? For me
>allow outside alcohol but still sell alcohol at the hostel
>low capacity less than 45 people
>at most 6 beds per room
>no kids
>no one over 45
>no groups larger then 4 booking together
>no extra charge for towels sheets
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Is it worth using in 2023? Planning a 2-month trip in Europe beginning mid-June. People on Reddit say that you're better off buying train tickets as you go. Anyone have experience and care to share?
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Which one and why?
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SE Minnesota

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I'll be in the Twin Cities at the beginning of June for 4 days, what are some interesting places on the SE end of the state? I've considered going to Duluth but its 4 hours from where I'll be staying, so Im going to focus on the lower end of the state.
Any good parks or places to visit down here?
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Dalmatia - Croatia

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I suddenly have to take two weeks of time off next months so I'm thinking of going to Croatia for about 10 days.
>arrive in Dubrovnik
>spend one or two nights there
>ferry to Split
>two or three nights in Split, maybe a day trip to Zadar
>two nights somewhere in Plitvice Lakes national park
>back to Split and leave from there

Is this plan too rushed or did I miss something?
Is Dubrovnik really that much crowded in June or would it be worth to spend more time there?
I didn't hear much about Zagreb, is it worth visiting if you know Vienna and other Central European cities well?
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Anybody remembers the Gastarbeiterroute, especially if you are a Turk or Greek?
Anyone does a road trip just to get a feel of times long gone?
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Have you ever been to Japan? Tell me about it.

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What I want to know is mostly these:
> How much did it cost?
> How long did you stay there for?
> How much Japanese did you know?
> What was the most expensive part of your trip (besides plane ticket)? And the cheapest?
> How many towns did you visit?
> Did you enjoy it?

Bonus question: in hindsight, now that you've been there, what are some things you discovered that would've helped you save some money during your trip?
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Why are jannies deleting on-topic threads? Wasn't my thread, but my on-topic thread was deleted too. It seems every fun thread gets deleted.
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