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I want to move to Argentina. Where do you start? What do you need?
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Where to move onto after Japan

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So, it seems that even if I have a student visa and a guarantor the University are recommending that I book a return flight before departing, like some kind of tourist.

It seems cheaper to fly to a neighbouring country/city like Seoul, Taiwan or Hong Kong than to go all the way home.
So, lads who have been to East Asia before, what are we recommending?
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Leaving China General

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Been living in corrupt shithole (China) my entire life. Need to escape. Looking at Melbourne and Vancouver in particular. Which city is better for Chinese citizens?
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Why are so many people fascinated with Japan and everything japanese?
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Going to the Philippines this week (if all my paperwork checks out). Do you guys think it's safe to go to the red zone that says avoid travel at all cost or you will die a most certainly painful death by Muslim jihadists?. Location I'm planning on possibly going to is the Pagadian area
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>don't even need to buy an adapter because the Brits use the kraut plug in hotels
Is there any reason to buy their dumb plug then
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korean bedware street

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ive been going through google streets and ive found this street in s. korea which is mostly occupied by bed sheet stores?.. anyone has any rational explanation?

if you go southwest down the street its all bed sheets and shit
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Roght then fags, heading to Rome on Monday so shill me on where i should go.

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Off to Rome on Monday, first time. I've visited Italy in 2021 but we went around the dolomites so first time in a big Italian city. We're here for 2 days before heading off to the national parks west of Rome. Shill me on where i should go / what should we see / where to eat.
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Vermont, Maine and New Hampshire

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Are these places worth visiting in the winter? I think they look so nice in autumn but what are they like when it's freezing. Are they even good for tourists? I do just want somewhere quiet and "nice"
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what are the highlights of quebec and montreal and other cool things/places to check out. food, history, museums and other interesting spot suggestions?
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