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Moving to Moscow or Kiev

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Seasonally like for 3-4 months in a year. Thoughts on this, made it in crypto and I like to travel. What are good neighborhoods? Also St Petersburg. Thinking Airbnb.
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Was thinking about spending a couple of months there to escape bong island, I can do some remote work to keep myself going, I just have a few questions.
How easy is it to get into and stay in the country right now? I have a UK passport and got one dose of the v*x and can get the second if it makes things easier
What are the restrictions there like now and do people actually follow them?
Which city is the best to stay in? I was thinking Lviv or Kyiv are the obvious options but somewhere smaller and comfy would be good too
How well can I get by with English and some very basic Russian?
Are any neighbouring countries okay to visit without having to fuck around with tests and quarantines?
When do their winters start? I don't mind a bit of cold but when it's below zero more often than above I'm probably fucking off to somewhere warmer
How is the food/booze etc.?
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Is there any big (1mil+ population) Western city - in North America, Europe, AUS/NZ, etc. - that is large, vibrant, active late into the night, livable without a car, and safe to walk around night or day with few or no exceptions?
Basically, where in the Western world can one get closest to the Tokyo experience?
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I'm currently working on a cruise ship. AMA

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We officially resumed operations about a week ago but the crew have been on the ship for much longer, as early as June.
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How do you find great value rooms to rent besides facebook and craigslist?

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Not a nomad. Not rich. Have some savings, am crippled in right leg and getting kicked out so being forced to travel elswhere within the state. Whenever I look on facebook or craigslist it is the same damn listings reposted or scams or a GREAT value at a beautiful home.... but FEMALES ONLY. Any other websites or groups to help find affordable housing for a college aged person?
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In the next five years, I am going to vanish and do away with my old life and find a new one in the remote part of the world. What country would be best for this? I don't have many requirements besides it being hot, coastal, and having very few people around for miles, if at all.
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I finally landed a job with a decent enough income and 100% remote that would allow me to love digital nomad lifestyle.

I have never travelled alone before though, let alone lived in a foreign country alone with noone I know around, so the idea itself is fucking intimidating, yet I feel like if I don't do that, I feel like I'm wasting my life away by not using the opportunities that are granted to me. I literally stayed inside and coomed the entire weekend and decided enough is enough, I need some changes in my life.

Any tips/tricks how you got started? I have never visited Asia and thought about maybe starting with Thailand, Singapore or Vietnam, plus it's cheap (not sure about Singapore though) so I can pay for 2 accommodations the same time.
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cheapest motels, lodges, cabins etc. you've stayed in the united states?
Looking for super cheap places to stay, weekly rates like 200 or under, daily rates like 50 and under, places you can just move and stay a few months easily without needing to go through all the trouble of getting an apartment
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Can you chain a thai girl to a pole in some remote village? Will she/the country be cool with it?
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Minneapolis crime rates

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Minneapolis has a higher violent crime rate then Atlanta. Why is it so high? Are the numbers misleading?