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best places to live abroad in UK/Ireland?

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So as an American on a tourist visa, I can tragically only stay on the Schengen zone for 90 days every 90 days. I know I can go to Croatia, but I'm curious about UK & Ireland.

What are the best spots to live in with good access to amenities? Bonus for good hookup culture and women without STDs.
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/trv/ careers?

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What are some good careers that allow you to travel to many countries for extended periods of time (6+ months)? I don't have much to look forward to in life, and I have always wanted to visit many countries, so I figure having a concrete goal would help me.

What is your career? How can you afford to travel, both in terms of time and money?
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Are they really that bad?
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/vng/ - Vietnam General

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Talk about vietnam I guess

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>One carry on and one personal item.
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Best cities in the world

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The rankings are a joke. Fucking Calgary is 4th for livability. Anons who have lived in many cities, show us a real list.
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Birdwatching overseas

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Which travel destination has the best bird watching? I'm looking for a place that has unique birds not found much in California, my home state. Anyone see interesting birds while traveling?
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Dominican Republic

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I will soon be visiting the Dominican Republic for travel.
I’m from Ireland and don’t speak a word of Spanish.
What am I to expect and does anyone have any tips for me?
(Do Dominican Republic females like 6”2 blonde hair blue eye pale gym bro)
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never been, I fell in love with an argentine girl in Madrid, I had the best night with her. now argentina peeked my interest. is it cheap?, and is it worth it?
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Getting a girlfriend in the Philippines as a non-white

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Hi Guys,

I'm a 30 year old Pajeet from Australia who's never had a girlfriend.

In Australia women DO NOT like Indians. White women generally don't even want to acknowledge you and even other Pajeeta's prefer to date white guys, so there's virtually no avenue for guys like me.

I was planning to travel through SEA and during my research I read that it's easier to get girls in the Philippines and that they're generally not as discriminating.

Now does this only work if you're white? Or do Pajeets have hope too?

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