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Birthday vacation

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So my birthday is coming up in mid October and I want to spend it somewhere else. Theoretically I can have the whole month off but idk if I have the budget to travel for more than 2 weeks. Flights out of Germany are pretty expensive these days. What are you guys thinking? So far I thought about Thailand or maybe a trip through Japan? Hawaii also seems to be relatively cheap when it comes to flights and it’s always convenient to speak the language of the country you’re in. I’m open to your recommendations be it City or beach or cooming trips.
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What goes on here (no armenoids allowed)?

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Where in the world has weather like Southern California?

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>Hard mode: no mentions of anywhere in California or Mexico.
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Considering the fact Iraq uses leaded gasoline does that mean it’s unsafe to go to Iraq no matter what for however much time?
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Is this the worst country in the world for tourism?

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>disgusting cities with no architecture
>boring and homogenous landscapes
>ugly women
>bad weather
Finland is essentially a worse version of Sweden, which is already really boring on its own.
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Moving out to Osaka for 2-3 months. I need advice since is the first time going to Japan.

>Where should I stay
>Sharing room vs having my own room
>What should I do there
>General advice

My budget is 15k, I like the traditional japanese stuff, I despise anime. I would like to meet new people there. My japanese is mid at best.
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what's your experience with this place other than Warsaw, Krakow, and Gdansk?
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Well /trv? Are the experts right?
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I'll be in Rome from the 14th to the 23rd of this month, and I also plan to take day trips to Florence and Naples.

I've already purchased tickets to the Vatican Museum, but the tickets for the Colosseum and the archaeological park seem to be quite expensive when purchased through agencies.

Do you happen to know how much they cost and how early we should arrive to buy tickets on-site during this time of the year? Even the oficial site is down...

By the way, I quite like staying near Termini station as it's very central. Does anyone here have any recommendations for bars or even karaoke spots in the city center?

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Coming gone wrong | US Edition

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What do you guys do if your coming gone wrong?
Like I'm currently in the US and I think I catched a STD. Do I just go randomly to the hospital and ask for testing? What about insurance? Is it expensive for foreigners?
I coomed in many countries, but it's the first time my dick is leaking and that in a first world country.
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