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Minneapolis crime rates

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Minneapolis has a higher violent crime rate then Atlanta. Why is it so high? Are the numbers misleading?
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what do you think about staying at hostels during the pandemic? i mean i like hostels since it's easy to meet with your roommates and sometimes you stay with pretty girls and you also meet with them. and i don't want to stay alone in hotel rooms but what about covid? you'll definetly will catch the virus if your roomates have it. i wonder what do you guys do.
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anyone ever tried buying a motorbike in calcutta and riding it through the eastern bit of India that protrudes and then into burma? I want to do 2 months in india and 2 months in SEA in mid 2022 chinavirus permitting and thought this would be a fun way to bridge the two
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Is there anywhere in Florida that doesn't look like this? So far 100% of Florida seems to look like this type of street or you have the soulless city like Miami copy pasted or you have the everglades. Is there anything other than these three options. Just give me one place I can drive to that's not the same. The only places I know of is St Augustine and those New Urbanism cities like Seaside
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Help me refine my travel plans? Ukraine/Poland/Czechia/Slovakia

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Solo guy traveling for exactly 30 days in this region. Open to any and all input; which cities should I cut/add? Is my plan too ambitious?
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Interesting things to do in Milan, Italy.

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So I am traveling in Milan sometime soon and I am wondering what are some interesting things to do besides all the tourist and exploring the city stuff.
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I’m just going to end up punching thai girls at night on the beach, will anyone care?
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How unsafe is the world

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So how unsafe is the world, generally?

I'm from a first world country and admit I lived a sheltered life. My mainly interact with people who are of similar social/economic background with similar levels of education.

I want to see the world and experience the planet for what is has to offer. Besides the obvious Europe/East Asia - where else can I go in the world where I wont always need to look behind my back incase I get shot?
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