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Why are most travel vloggers sociopaths?
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Going here next week, what should I do
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Is Prague kino?
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How to start working in europe?

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I'm from Canada, recently graduated with a stem degree, and I would like to work in Europe. I know working in Europe would mean I will be paid less, and I am fine with it.
I was thinking of moving to Bulgaria, Czech Republic or Austria.

Has anyone done this? How did you do so? Any tips?
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Barcelona vs Madrid

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Which city is best?
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Getting the opportunity to travel Europe and Asia next year. Want to try and talk some bros into splitting the trip across the two instead of just Asia. They've already done Amsterdam which I want to do, but I have leverage in the form of Berghain as well, assuming we even get in (won't). They've got good ideas in the form of Vietnam/Thailand, but I wonder if they'd respond to Mongolia, if there's even anything to do there for the average tourist.

TL;DR is Mongolia cool? And what's a good sell for a EU party trip if the others have been?
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I have a week of free time in Thailand, flying in through Bangkok and flying out through Bangkok. What should I see there in that time? People were recommending a bus to Pattaya
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Wanting to teach English in Japan for a year, but have two questions.

1) Can I get in with a bog standard cheap TEFL? Or do I need a CELTA specifically? I'm not too keen on the idea on dropping nearly two grand on something I only really want to do for one year.

2) Do I have to do the JET program or can I get in 'normally'? I don't mind being part of a program, but I really don't want to be put in the middle of nowhere. Tokyo is idea, but even Osaka or just some other generally big city would be massively preferred. I'm not autistic and I have good social skills, but I still want to be in a place where there are plenty of other people.
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