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Brit here looking to get a 2 month unlimited Interrail pass for October-November. Planning to stay in hostels. What's the virus situation? Do I have to do a test every time I cross a border or just my first time going into Schengen? Any other advice for a 25 year old man?
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Where in the EU should I move?

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I'm from Ireland. I really want to take a break from this place, maybe permanently. The culture is just shit, among many other reasons, which I'm not going to dive into. Any Irishman or Englishman (lived in the UK for 2 years, it's basically the same) will know what I'm talking about.

Anyways, I have a sizable chunk of money saved up, and my company (family owned) would allow me work remotely. Money isn't really a problem for me - my problem is I'm not sure where to go.

The main thing I'm looking for is somewhere livable (less than 10% total pop of Africans, South Americans, Turks, Arabs, or South Asians), ideally with lots of young people around. An expat community wouldn't hurt but it's not a requirement. Bonus if it's often dark or rainy, but also not a requirement.

So far I've been considering Krakow, Ljubljana, Rijeka, Prague/Cesky Krumlov, or Tallinn. I can't think of anywhere else. The only place on this list I've actually ever visited was Krakow, which I liked.

Any ideas?
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Solo travel for newbie

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I would love to travel, but I got no friends that would travel with me. How common is for a person to solo travel? Is it even worth it?
Any do's and dont's while traveling solo?
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How are things in Finland at the moment, in terms of travel? Thinking I may go in the next 12 months.
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How are Atlanta and New Orleans

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As places to live? How bad is the crime?
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If i an UK citizen, am i allowed to get a tourist visa using my non-british passport?

I applied for my first adult UK passport but the retarded office fucked up my application so thats why i am asking, before brexit i didnt need it
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what do you think about staying at hostels during the pandemic? i mean i like hostel since it's easy to meet with your roommates and somtimes you stay with pretty girls and you also meet with them. and i don't want to stay alone in hotel rooms but what about covid? you'll definetly will catch the virus if your roomates have it.
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Escape from Australia to Vietnam via business visa. 21 days quarantine then straight to 3 months of hard lock down. Is this country is about to collapse? What do?
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Guess ethnicity

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How can I go to Afghanistan by plane right now?
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