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How can I go to Afghanistan by plane right now?
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Best neighborhood to spend 1 month in Mexico City? I'm going to be working remotely. Want to be around late night restaurants/cafes/bars. pic unrelated
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Pacific South West Road Trip

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Start in Mountain View, CA

#1 Palm Springs, CA
#2 Phoenix, AZ
#3 (Detour) Wickenburg, AZ (continue to Flagstaff)
#4 Flagstaff, AZ
#5 Window Rock, AZ
#5.5 (Detour) Four Corners
#6 Durango, CO
#7 Breckenridge, CO
#8 Grand Junction, CO
#9 Moab, UT
#10 St. George, UT
#11 Grand Canyon Village, AZ
#12 Las Vegas, NV
#13 Furnace Creek, CA
#14 Lake Tahoe, CA

End in Mountain View, CA

Total Drive Time: 58 Hours

I want to get the south west out of the way this year.
Is this sufficient enough or am I missing something?
Does New Mexico have anything all that special?
I'll be driving through it for a few hours between Window Rock and Durango.
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crypto millionaire here

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29 yo crypto millionaire here. i want to travel. where should i go and what should i do. tell me.
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Can I go to Israel unvaxxed or not

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I'm retarded and can't be bothered reading the website, can I go to Israel if I'm not vaxxed or not? I'm from Australia.
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what's your favourite travel channel on youtube?
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Welkom to Russia!

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Comrads. Greetings to all! Today I want to advise you places for interesting travel. one of them is Russia.But I advise you for a better experience travel not to mainstream metropolises but to unique places where people fight for their lives with everything you can in 4K ! . For a complete immersion in the atmosphere please turn on subtitles.
its no Africa its Russia, one city out of many.
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Hi /tr/

Traveling with some buddies in Tulum, Mexico. Anyone know tips to find blow? I’m pretty much gonna ask bartenders, but curious if anyone knew anything better. Thanks