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How to enjoy Paris like a 20th century citizen

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Basically, how to larp in Paris like you are some kind of historical figure from the 20th century?

This shite seems rather difficult to achieve in the 21st century?

I want to basically become a historical vagabond
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Best suburbs in america?

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What makes a suburb a good one in your opinion? in which city has the best? I was thinking of Scottsdale or Glendale, north columbus has some nice ones too
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I'm a skill less poorfag in America trying to save as much as I can by the end of the year to travel abroad. My lease ends in August and I want to live out of my car to save money and do seasonal work with lots of hours (aka poorfag grindmaxxing TTT-chad style). I can't drive to Alaska to work in a cannery so what are the next best options?
So far the only one I'm aware of is harvesting apples in Washington in September. I could just get a job at an Amazon warehouse or something but they're usually located in urban areas where I wouldn't feel safe camping. Also I'm currently on the west coast and would prefer to stay here

Pic related, me and my hobo dog
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SE Minnesota

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I'll be in the Twin Cities at the beginning of June for 4 days, what are some interesting places on the SE end of the state? I've considered going to Duluth but its 4 hours from where I'll be staying, so Im going to focus on the lower end of the state.
Any good parks or places to visit down here?
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Vietnam reunification line

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I'm planning to go to Vietnam with my brother in September/October.

The plan is pretty simple at the moment, I plan to arrive in HCMC and will then travel all the way up to Hanoi, I want to cover most of the distance with the unification train line and small parts with a motorbike.
Has anyone did this before? What are some things that I have to look out for? I want to spend max. 60 CHF a night, should I go for the hostel experience or treat myself in a nice comfy hotel?

PS: I used tinder from my home country and got 20+ matches in a couple of days without even trying, is it really THAT easy? How easy is it to coom as a young white guy.
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Advice for Ghana/Liberia/Rwanda/Africa in general

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Thinking of applying to the Peace Corps. I'm wrapping up my TEFL gig in Korea next month and want to spend a few years roughing it. Leaning towards African countries, the one's I've considered so far is Ghana, Liberia, and Rwanda. Was wondering if anyone had any PC experience or at least experience in these countries.

Also I am a disabled HIV+ Afro-Latinx transwoman if that matters.
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Where do I travel to escape gangstalkers? Is there anywhere they aren't authorized to go?
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Eastern european anons

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I'm thinking of getting a ticket next week to go to prague or some place and fuck hoes

I wonder has anybody done this before and is it worth it? Apparently if you live in a hotel you can just call and they will come to you?
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Thailand thread

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Thread for Thailand. Questions, answers, LARP, shitposting and coomers all welcome.

I am currently curious about how difficult it is to get a long term visa. I am tired of hopping around SEA and want to stay for a year or so without worrying about picking up and moving.
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Baltics + Poland

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I am mainly interested in which country has the 'best’ for each kind of attraction. Basically I just don't want to go to 4 different kgb museums, 4 different shooting ranges, 4 zoos... you get the idea... I'm looking to find out if one of these countries has a noticeably better one to visit than the others (not just for the types I listed but for everything in general). For Poland I’ll be in Warsaw. I am going to Krakow after but I already have a good idea what the plan for that is going to look like.

Any other general recommendations, advice or discussion also welcome