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Thailand thread

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Dedicated Thailand thread. Share your opinion, advice, stories, shitposts, whatever.

Coomers, doomers, spergs all welcome. Normies please control yourselves, remember where you are and remember the entire rest of the internet is for you.

Temple version
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/phg/ - Philippines General

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Return of the King edition
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Do you wear a suit on a flight, trv?

Why or why not?
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Japan General - Fine Arts & Culture Edition

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JAPAN OPEN! No vaccines! No PCR tests! Vaxxies BTFO! Total Pureblood victory!
Official info:

>How do I travel by public transportation?
Use Google Maps within cities, install the Jorudan or Navitime app for intercity travel
>Dude, what should I see in ________?
>Solid general guides - sights, sample itineraries, pre-travel considerations, etc
*NOTE: Currently out of date, but he is working on updating it on his own time.

ーCurrent status on the Miyajima Floating Torii Gateー
Construction is finished.

ーJR Passー
JR Rail Pass is it worth it? It depends on your itinerary. Use websites/apps like Jorudan or Navitime and plug in your itinerary.

JR Pass options:
>7 day Pass: ¥29,110 (approximately a Tokyo-Kyoto round-trip bullet train trip)
>14 day Pass: ¥46,390
>21 day Pass: ¥59,350

>7 day Pass: ¥50,000
>14 day Pass: ¥80,000
>21 day Pass: ¥100,000

ーInfo on Geishas for Hireー
Most brothels in Japan don't allow in foreigners without supervision, and the ones that do are notoriously expensive - at least $400USD per hour.
Please stop asking questions about this topic without referring to the /trv/ archives under, or to one of the websites below beforehand or head straight to 飛田新地 in Osaka.

Previous awful thread: >>2469709
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American tourists

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Why do all American tourists look like pic? Shit was especially grievous in Tokyo where space in the streets can get limited. Eat less for fuck sake
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How possible and advisable is dropping everything to live in NYC without first acquiring a job, place to stay, or much money put away?
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Leaving the West general

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Leaving the West general thread.
(The decline continues)

I live in the USA, a corrupt shit-hole that continues to get worse.
Let's discuss options for getting out and where to go.
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Has anyone actually enjoyed their trip to India?
I bought tickets to Mumbai and plan to travel to Goa. Now I am freaking out. All I hear about is:
>shit everywhere
>traffic accidents
>train derailments
>feet fungus
>stray dogs

Fuck guys, maybe I should just stick to what I know, SEA
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Where in the US are the best locations to visit if I wanted to see the forest-y, scenic, mountainous areas? I’ve read that places up near the Canadian border are good locations to visit. Is that true?
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