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/trv/ Travel Stories

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>fell for the 4chin /chug/ memes, buy ticket to russia
>arrive in airport. passport control lady asks me why i’ve come. say just cuz. asks if i have family (i don’t). they let me pass afterwards
>no rubles, no phone number, no place to stay
>panicking, get on rando bus at airport
>bus lady angrily tells me to pay
>pay with visa apple pay on my phone (obviously doesn’t fucking work) but this satisfies her
>arrive in bumfuck somewhere. have to use google maps
>instantly charged £50 for couple megabytes used to look up my location
>jeez.jpg imsofuckingfucked.png
>awkwardly make my way to the metro with my bigass 20kg suitcase.
>can’t pay the toll to pass the gate obviously, why did i even try. have to excuse myself back through the crowds (entrance was one way)
>spot a bank, they’re able to exchange $100 and ¢100 i came with for rubles
>make my way to city proper through metro, manage to get a sim card also
>go through like 10 banks trying to open an account
>all of them want proof of address and a Russian passport
>i have neither
>one bank actually opens a fucking russian account for me for some reason and instantly gives me a temporary card.
>that was a miracle sent by god, i would’ve been so fucked without that
>its 8pm by this point. quickly book some place to stay.
>make my way there with my massive ass suitcase and backpack. i’m dying by this point
>always checking for missing documents or electronics every 20 minutes because i would've been irreversibly fucked if i lost something
>hotel lady says i can’t stay because i don’t have a Russian passport. they’ve stopped accepting foreigners because of legal reasons relating to covid and the war
>almost start crying at this point.. my sad retarded face probably made her sympathise with me, so she said i could stay for an hour to use their wifi and tea

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>the night before the flight
Where the fuck is my pre-trip anxiety coming from? I'm going on my first solo trip tomorrow, going to a few spots in Europe I've been before for about 3-4 weeks. I've been from Lisbon to Bangkok and would consider myself fairly experienced, I'm not afraid of airports or flying or anything like that, but without fail the night before I start a trip, my anxiety shoots up.
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What country in Latin America would be best suited for a white United Statesian?
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Japan to Restore Visa-Free Travel From Oct. 11

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It’s finally opening boys!
> Prime Minister Kishida makes announcement in New York
> Domestic travel discounts will be introduced at the same time

> Japan will abolish a slew of Covid border controls from Oct. 11, Prime Minister Fumio Kishida said in New York, in a move that looks set to revive the tourism industry.
>Individual visitors will be allowed to enter, and Japan will reinstate visa waivers, Kishida said at a news conference Thursday in New York. The cap on daily arrivals in Japan will also be ended, he said.
>Japan’s move to scrap most restrictions on foreign tourists comes as the country’s deadliest wave of the pandemic recedes. It also coincides with the yen slumping to its lowest levels against the dollar in almost a quarter of a century, making the archipelago an inexpensive, attractive destination for visitors from overseas.
>Discounts for domestic travel will be introduced at the same time, Kishida added. After seeing a tourism boom before the pandemic, airlines, hotels and retailers are all seeking to regain the business they lost.
> Kishida’s cautious attitude to opening up after the first waves of the pandemic won him plaudits from voters still nervous about infections, while business leaders have complained about damage to the economy and urged him to fling the doors open.
>Before Covid, Japan let visitors from 68 countries and regions, including the US, stay for as long as 90 days without a visa. Visitor numbers reached a record of almost 32 million in 2019, slumping to about 246,000 last year.

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/EGP/ - Egypt general

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Starting a new as the last one has been expired for some time. The OP was pretty helpful, shared his itinerary and suggestions.

I'm the anon who wanted to go with his brother through a travel agency.

>My dumbass missed his chance to book those £160 tickets and now had to cough up £400.
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Coomin Cebuiana

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First time going to Cebu. Been going to TH for 15 years. Where do I stay if I want little pocket rockets (18+)?
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Sex Tourism in Japan

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How difficult is it to get high class escorts in Japan if you're a wealthy gaijin tourist who speaks relatively broken Japanese? I'm going to stay in the Mandarin Oriental in Tokyo for a 4 week vacation in a few months and I would love to fuck some JAV girls while I'm there. I hear they usually don't fuck gaijin though.
I'm fine with dropping a lot of money on a girl, my main goal would be to fuck a well known starlet so price isn't a concern for me. Besides, here It's not unusual for me to pay over $1000 USD for an escort here in the States or in Canada/Europe. In fact I'm willing to pay well over $1000 USD if I can score someone like AIKA or Kana Momonogi
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What happened to /trv/?

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6 or 7 years ago this was one of the best travel boards on the internet. Now it's just 80% racism, people insulting countries with no explanation, you can tell they haven't even been there. What happened to the guys who took trains around Africa? The ones who made friends in Afghanistan and got to fire a rocket launcher for free? Where are the "real travelers" gone?

This place used to have really cool people, now it mostly sucks. It's sad
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Cambodia General

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Post stories, tips, experiences, questions, etc related to Cambodia
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interesting maps thread
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