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/taiwan/ general.

anyone here right now?
whats the current vibe?
I can go in winter but double guessing myself because of zero covid insanity.
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Germany guide

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I made a guide for tourists visiting Germany: which cities to see and which turds to avoid.
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Why would anyone with economic freedom live here? Are they doing it ironically?
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Great Plains trip

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Thinkin' of rustlin' me up a good ol' cowboy adventure. I'm from the UK and considering spending a couple months visiting some States starting with Montana and then driving down south to Colorado or maybe Texas.

Would be going on my own and the idea is to make friends while I'm there. Want to spend time camping under the stars, visit some scenic landscapes, get into a little adventure, visit some towns and stay there for a few nights and experience a few barn dances where I wrangle up a cowgirl and take her to bed.

Is driving from Montana down to Colorado or Texas a good shout? Should I maybe just stay in one or two States? Is January a fine time to go? Don't let my cowboy vernacular fool you, I haven't properly started researching yet and never done this kind of trip before, nor have I ever travelled alone, so would seriously appreciate any advice from any amigos out there.

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Have 2 weeks in Colombia with Cartagena as the starting point. What should I see / do?
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>cheap as fuck
>attractive women
>good food
>no lockdowns, not hard to get in

Why the fuck are you not in Turkey right now?
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Zanzibar - any recommendations?

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So I'm probably gonna be wagecucking remotely from Zanzibar this winter - SE Asia won't open anytime soon, Latin America is too far away from my Euro timezone to work, so I settled on Zanzibar.

What can you guys recommend about Zanzibar? Which areas are good for staying-term, which beaches are the nicest, which shitholes to avoid?
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How the fuck do I get out of this shithole

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Everywhere I go for advice it’s always “why you wanna leave such a nice place anon” “you sound like a right-wing psychopath anon” “we don’t want you in our country anon”

Why the fuck is leaving this country like solving the fucking Da Vinci code?
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He was alright before he sold out
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>work came out today allowing our entire department working remote for the rest of the year minimum
>Seattle to Seoul flights cheap
>South Korea also cheap for living and getting around
>90 day visa free for US citizens
>decent enough train system that is open
Looking at the available countries out there seems like it would be fairly easy to get and live in for a bit. Only ever been to Seoul a long time ago so doubt anything I have in mind is not relevant. Thinking doing 1 month in Seoul and burn the quarantine there, then 1.5mo around the country and islands. I don't exactly care about hookers/sexpatting, just looking to be outside the country for a bit. I get it's about 1k to quarantine, but not a huge issue given how cheap the rest of the country seems.

Anyone been there recently specifically from the US? Mostly looking into what the vibe is around the bigger cities to the south and maybe some of the mountain areas.
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