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Is this the worst country in the world for tourism?

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>disgusting cities with no architecture
>boring and homogenous landscapes
>ugly women
>bad weather
Finland is essentially a worse version of Sweden, which is already really boring on its own.
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Planning my first solo trip to Thailand for 2 weeks, I'm in search of a backpack or luggage, What do you guys recommend, backpack or luggage? I've googled around and people seem to be recommending pic related, the Osprey Farpoint 40l backpack.
I have no experience yet so probably will make the wrong decision. Pros and cons?
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"Filter" Countries Thread

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ITT We discuss decent travel/expat countries that have not been ruined by the tourist masses.
>English is an uncommon language or locals are reluctant to speak English
>Requires research beforehand to get the most out of trips
>Particularly unfriendly towards clueless tourists who are at risk of getting scammed, robbed, mugged, etc
>Women who act like whores put their physical safety at risk

I'll start with the /trv/ favorite as of late, Argentina (and by extension Uraguay/Southern Brazil)
>Mostly white
>Cheap col
>Best women
>No blacks + racist, filters out Fresh and Fit types
>world class meat and wine
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Flag Collectors

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Since ya'll are such coomers on this thread. Post the flags you've collected. Ideally excluding scorts. I'll start:

- Singapore
- Costa Rica
- Peru
- Colombia
- Wales
- Ukraine
- Mongolia
- Kazakhstan
- Hong Kong
- China
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Why did you leave Japan?

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Looking for some Japan black pill stories about people moving there and then leaving.
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Trabzon/Turkish Black Sea coast.

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Is Trabzon a good place to visit if I am interested in historical sights? I have previously been in Izmir and visited the ruins of Efes. I have heard that Trabzon has more remnants from the Byzantine era.
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Has anyone been to North Korea secretly? Like crossing the border from China/Russia and hung out with the locals and shieet
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How can I move to Canada as an european?

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Do I need a VISA in order to try to find a job there or can I go as a tourist, find a job and then get the VISA?
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Don't Go to Egypt

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This man did more damage to the Egyptian economy than arab spring. Has anyone actually been there to experience it?
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Traveling to Sicily for a week with bf in July. Plan is to stay in Catania and checking out some easy to reach places like Taormina, Siracusa and Noto by train. Would appreciate any tips you can give me.
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