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Random OC pics pt.2

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Post random pictures from places you've traveled to.


Previous thread ->> >>2329663
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Thailand Hotel Dual Prices

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What happened with this? Did they wind up inplementing this? If so, how much worse are hotel prices now?
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Eastern Europe in Winter

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I am thinking of visiting Serbia, Northern Macedonia, Greece, and finally Istanbul in late February/ early March. Is this a dumb idea? Also would it be better/cheaper to use airbnbs or to get private rooms in hostels. I just can't sleep without a private room.
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My flight to Beirut arrives at 3 am so I'm thinking of chilling at the airport until 8 am or so instead of booking a night at a hotel where I'll only be for 3 hours. Also, I don't want to be out on the street or catch a cab at that time of night because I've never been to the middle east and want to get my bearings before doing dangerous stuff.

Is this reasonable or is someone going to give me trouble? I ask this because the airport seems to be pretty small and I'm concerned that the security forces think I'm up to no good.

If you have any tips regarding Lebanon I'd love to hear them
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Is El Paso the best American city?

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Not known to /trv/ but I hear good vibes all around? According to these guys:
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Is it weird for me (a European) to want to go on vacation to Wyoming?
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Is Venezuela safe for Western tourists?

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Has anyone here gone recently? How was it?
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What is the human limit for driving in a single sitting? How far have you gone?
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/int/ - Natalia Edition

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Thread dedicated to language exchange apps/websites.


QTCRAWLER (for interpals):

Did you ever meet anyone from here or have any good experiences or stories?

What's your general experience with those apps?
Previous Interpals Thread: >>2297959
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I know that Canada is a massive country but really, what's the best city to travel to? Montreal? Vancouver? Toronto? Halifax?

I just got my passport and figured I'd drive up north pretty soon here. Vancouver would be the easiest drive from California but it doesn't really matter.
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