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What makes a good hostel

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If you ran a hostel what would you do to make it good? For me
>allow outside alcohol but still sell alcohol at the hostel
>low capacity less than 45 people
>at most 6 beds per room
>no kids
>no one over 45
>no groups larger then 4 booking together
>no extra charge for towels sheets
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Things to buy for travelling

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If i wanted to start from zero and move to another country what things (clothing, gadgets, electronics, survival equipment) should i buy?
Let's suppose I can become homeless there if I'm too stupid, and everything would be too expensive, that i have no possessions, and that i can buy anything here no matter how expensive as long as i can pack it in a suitcase/backpack, ideally it should be things that are going to last, planning that i might live there for a few years.
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Is it worth using in 2023? Planning a 2-month trip in Europe beginning mid-June. People on Reddit say that you're better off buying train tickets as you go. Anyone have experience and care to share?
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Just came back from a Balkans trip. serbia is by far is the biggest shithole I've ever visited
>garbage everywhere
>shit-tier food (essentially Turkish but much lower quality)
>women are ugly and hairy like dogs
>zero culture (just another Ottoman leftover state)
>extremely nationalistic (literally nothing to be proud of historically)
>Poor and cheap. Still somehow seems overpriced for what it offers
Just skip it and go to a real country like Kosovo.
>pic very related, typical male from serbia
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Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread
>also known as /sqt/ (Stupid Questions Thread)
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Which one and why?
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This is actually a fun city
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Switzerland/Alps trip

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I have an itinerary that goes in this rough way:
> Turin
> Lugano
> Lucerne
> Lauterbrunnen
> train to Buch SG and visit Liechtenstein, continue to Salzburg
> (Halstatt, Neuschwanstein castle are in the area for day trips)
> Munich

What do you recommend to see or do, especially in the Lucerne area and Salzburg? nature, social, architecture, whatever could work for somewhat educated men in their 20s
In Munich, what sites could I visit that are associated with the Beer Hall Putsch and other signs of early Nazism
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Have you ever seen a "freakout" throughout the course of your travels, whether it was on an airplane or at an airport?

Me: never, but I've probably traveled a lot less than most people on this board, maybe 17 or 18 flights total. The most drama I've seen is maybe some people rolling their eyes or raising their voices when they hear their flight has been delayed/cancelled but it's never turned into full on shouting as far as I recall. And I've never seen anyone acting crazy on a plane. How about you, Anons?
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Real Traveler's map™ thread

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Post your travel maps in this thread. Pic related is the official /trv/ Real Traveler's map™, edition 4.0.3

Fill in the countries and subdivisions you have visited, talk about your map and ask others about their maps. You can use the map however you like, the colors are more like suggestions, you don't have to use them, and you don't have to use all of them. You can add or remove colors and change the map as much as you want in any way you want. Don't like this map? Upload a completely different one. Up to you. Despite what some might say, there's no "wrong" way to use the map. This map is a group effort by our board, and we can only improve it if people reach out to share suggestions or corrections.
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