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Has anyone been to Montreal?

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Is it a nice place?
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What happens if I ignore all the covid stuff and book a flight to thailand and turn up there? Will I be sent home or is there hoops I gotta jump through? I been on the GOV sites and its just to much bs to take in. I just want to travel not read pages of information and decypher meaning from absolute nonsense. I am not even dead set on thailand and just want to go get away for a few months to chill.

Can anyone advise on a stress free way of chilling abroad. I don't really care what country as long as it warm.
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/rcg/ - Roller Coaster General

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Everything will open except Iron Gwazi Edition

Previous Thread: >>1973204

>What is this?
/rcg/ was created as a way for the rollercoaster enthusiasts on here to discuss all things rollercoasters, as well as amusement parks in general.

Roller Coaster Database:

Amusement Park News Sites:
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What is there to do in Iceland? I will probably be there 2 weeks but have to do the 5 day quarantine
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Places You Want To Go But Are Too Dangerous

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North Korea
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When are these fucking cunts lifting the Europe/Schengen travel restrictions!???
I need to fucking go there asap, but I don't have money to go through Mexico for two weeks so I can enter.
It doesn't make any fucking sense. There are countries not on the travel ban list that are doing worse than all of Europe combined.
But somebody like me, living in a country where it's basically gone and we're back to living like normal, fully vaccinated, can get tested up the ass as much as I need AND have family in America I could quarantine at for however long they wanted. But I still can't fucking go there.

Biden had talks with Merkel and Ursula at the beginning of August and was supposed to announce a week after they left how they were going to start the process for lifting the ban, but then not a word on it since.

I'm losing my fucking mind. When can I fucking go!!!???
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How the fuck do I get out of this shithole

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Everywhere I go for advice it’s always “why you wanna leave such a nice place anon” “you sound like a right-wing psychopath anon” “we don’t want you in our country anon”

Why the fuck is leaving this country like solving the fucking Da Vinci code?
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What are your favorite things to do once in a new location?

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Doing my first bout of travel ever next week. Wondering what the must-dos are. I'm early 20s and I heard to always check out the local university to meet bright people, will definitely see any unique architecture & landscapes, and try various local specialties. What do you guys do?
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is Athens nice?

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Traveling to Athens for a few days - is it nice & interesting or sort of a dump?
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I'll be traveling through Italy next year and i have no clue which guide i should buy.

Some told me the DK Eyewitness Italy: 2020. If so, should i wait to get the 2021/22? Or 2020/21 is just enough?