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Riga, Latvia general

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I'm going to Riga in approximately 15 hours for 3 nights. I've never been and know nothing about it, I just booked because it was cheap. If anyone's been before I'd appreciate some tips.

Britbong, 28, single but not a sexpat (but would like to meet women). Thanks
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/QTDDTOT/ - Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread

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Spooky Season Edition
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How do you afford to travel? Must be pretty hard to save while having to pay rent and bills with a 9-5.
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you last travel

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Share where your last travel was, how long, and how much it cost

I have never travelled myself or with just friends
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pick /trv/ roster

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Here's this thing /trv/, our board competes with many other boards in the cup of 4chan for imaginary glory but mostly autism.
Basically, it's a simulated tournament of football, with a heavily modded game, so we can have fun 3d models that should represents memes and inside jokes of each board
Pic related, is one of our best player since 2011, Couchsurfer Rapist

In a few weeks we will compete in the autumn babby cup against 31 or maybe 39 other boards.

If you wanna learn more you can check the cesspool that is the /4ccg/ general on /vg/, or the dedicated wiki

Anyway, because we want our roster to represent our board the best it can be, we run a poll once or twice a year where you can pick our players
For example, we have to find a replacement for Cringelord Miles. It was never a funny and it's been over a year now. Plus this season will introduce a 5th medal player (basically a player with better stats than average)

Feel free to leave more suggestions here for new players to be added. Also new ideas for how players should look. We trv management suck at making 3d models, but we can ask some really /3/ autists for a favour if needed
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No retarded homo redd*tors allowed.

Talk about:

- Legally skirting tax
- Cashing out in crypto without KYC
- Building an online biz
- Freelance work

Post about real boot on the ground experience. Keep your basement arm chair theory to yourself. ie ... if you stay in a third world shithole for 6 months on a tourist visa, said tourist country isn't coming for you for tax (even if the rule book says 6 months means you have tax residency)
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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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I’m in Thailand and going to KL for a visa run.

If Thailand is known for cheap whores, spicy food with rice, ladyboys, old sex tourists, tuk tuks, beaches, temples, Muay Thai and steroids you can buy at any pharmacy...what is Kuala Lumpur known for? I’ll have four days there, anything special to do or buy or eat that I can’t get in Thailand?
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Uh oh, looks like doomsisters will win in the end.
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Have (you) ever been to Amsterdam? If so what was your experience like, if not, do you want to travel there?
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Visiting Brussels

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I’m visiting Belgium for the first time and I will spend at least a day Brussels. I have some ideas about the stuff I want to see, but I would welcome any recommendations.
I’d also like to know which areas to avoid, since I know that there are several bad areas.
inb4 avoid the entire city
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