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What is Belarus like?

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The girls there look like such QTs. What the hell is this country though? Can anyone confirm it isn't just another micro Russia?
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So what goes on over here has anyone been
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girl travel banging

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why do you do it, glrs? (if there are even any on this board, stop larping faggot)

there are so many obvious downsides to it. stds, getting pregnant by someone you will never see again, someone turning out to be really weird when you're finally alone.

is it part of the vacay experience? being away from home? being free? are you secretly hoping to meet mr right after all?

and this is obviously self-interest but where would you be most open to meet someone for banging in a foreign country? museum, hostel, pub crawl, cafe, randomly on the street? doesn't matter, as long as he's not a weirdo and somewhat handsome?
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Do you travel with a laptop or other electronics like a camera? Phones these days are so good I don't see the need any more. Mobile websites for booking travel, hotels etc are better on mobile in fact. I'm not sure an iPad even gives you much over a phone.
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Japan is opening again?

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Someone give me the QRD. I have 40k saved in the bank and am ready to make Japanese friendos.
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Leaving the West general 2

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Leaving the West general thread.

I live in the USA, how do i get out of this corrupt shit-hole for greener pastures?
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Traveling to thailand in november
Can you help me fill my plans?
I plan to book a room in BKK for 3 days, just to find a place to stay and search for a tourist guide on the place to visit the temples and palace, then move to some beach, I got suggested patong/puhket/samui, but not sure where to go. I have about 2 weeks, -2 days to fly there.
I'm mostly interested because it's a warm place with cool beaches and there isn't that much crime.
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Napalm all on my Lyndon B Johnson

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Going to Hanoi for a month bc I’m sick of the fucking rain. Never been to Vietnam before. Not entirely opposed to cooming and cheap hedonism but mainly just wanna absorb a different culture and work remote with a high standard of living instead of staying in an urban American shithole. Anybody been to Vietnam? What should I visit/avoid/look forward to?
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Airbnb for long-term?

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What's /trv/'s experience with airbnb for long-term rentals (1-2 months)? I've just booked directly so far, but the ability to just find thousands of listings via a third-party platform seems really appealing. The only reason I hesitate is many people seem to hate it (granted, many love it as well). What's the truth? Is there a certain way to use it and know listings are solid?
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Philippines Thread (ANTI-COOMING)

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This is a thread to discuss the Philippines and their culture, coomers and larpers are strictly not allowed and are advised to kill themselves.
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