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Airbnb for long-term?

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What's /trv/'s experience with airbnb for long-term rentals (1-2 months)? I've just booked directly so far, but the ability to just find thousands of listings via a third-party platform seems really appealing. The only reason I hesitate is many people seem to hate it (granted, many love it as well). What's the truth? Is there a certain way to use it and know listings are solid?
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Philippines Thread (ANTI-COOMING)

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This is a thread to discuss the Philippines and their culture, coomers and larpers are strictly not allowed and are advised to kill themselves.
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I’m close to booking a flight to JFK to see GWAR on Halloween. I heard Williamsburg is fun and safe.
I dig graffiti and strip clubs. Any suggestions?
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Is this the prototypical German upper-middle class suitcase?
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Is there anything that makes less sense than queuing up to board a plane?

Do they think it will leave without them?
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Does Ryan Boundless still upload videos of his travels anywhere? I'd like to try to get in contact and travel with him as his partner.
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Motorcycle Travel Thread

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Discuss all topics related to traveling the world on a motorcycle.

TECH: Best bikes, gear to bring, maintenance and repair tips.

STORIES: Cairo to Cape Town, Anchorage to Ushuaia- what was your experience?

MISC: Financial costs, bureaucracy and visa issues, safety on the road, options for food and shelter.
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New-Zealand thread.
I'm planning to go in February. Start in Auckland, rent a camper and drive down. See the beach, glowing cave thing, volcano area, hobbiton, vineyards, nature that sort of stuff.

Anything I should know? NZ is open again right? Anything I should see?
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How can people afford to fly? these same tickets last year cost about 60% less.
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TEFL/ESL General

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Change your life edition!
The only good thread on /trv/!

Is the age of TEFL over ? What is the situation in China, SEA, etc ?
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