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My greatest dreams is to travel to Japan and still be young, I'm 22 now but I do not have the money and I'm worried by the time I can afford to travel to Japan, I will be in my 30s by then which means I will be old, two days ago, I was scammed 500 pounds and I'm never gonna get it back, for this month I've got to live off no money whatsoever for a month as I have no money.

I honestly feel like killing myself, do you think I will ever go to Japan one day and be young?
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How to avoid getting your shit stolen while at hostels?

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>travelling Japan for a few weeks (first time travelling)
>staying in hostels/capsule hotels for most of my trip
>really worried about someone snatching my phone/wallet off of my bed while I sleep

What's the best method to ensure that none of valuables get stolen while at a hostel?
>inb4 use lockers
Lockers which are opened with keys....keys that you would keep with you on your bed, right? So the problem still persists. Would there be any way to ensure that my valuables are 100% safe and not at any risk of being stolen?
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Travelling to Pig Pen

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I have a one way flight to Phnom Penh, from there I wanna hit Siem Riep and maybe some other shit in the country too. I plan on spending a month there as a 22 year old traveler, and then move on to the next SEA country. I have two questions, one is Cambodia fun and is there enough shit for me to do to last the whole month, and second which country should I hit next? I wanna see some cool shit and it's my first time to SEA.
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Is it a stupid idea to travel to another country for the sole purpose of finding lost media? There's a lot of obscure music, books and movies that the Internet has not archived but that I am *certain* I will find if I physically go the places they were made in.
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AirBnBs in Tokyo

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Pre-pandemic I got a good price on a flat for a month (800-900 total) in Shinjuku via AirBnB. These days, the listing price for "good deals" in the same area seems to have doubled. Are things bad in Tokyo or is the home rental industry as whole in a bad spot?
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SE Minnesota

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I'll be in the Twin Cities at the beginning of June for 4 days, what are some interesting places on the SE end of the state? I've considered going to Duluth but its 4 hours from where I'll be staying, so Im going to focus on the lower end of the state.
Any good parks or places to visit down here?
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Things to do in Kazakhstan

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I'll be travelling in Kazakhstan, one week in Astana and another in Almaty, and I'm looking for interesting places to visit that aren't travel website slop
I've been told Almaty is the actual historic city with noteworthy Soviet architecture while Astana was built with gas money as an ad, and they have good ice cream, but no other details
Also it's a same places I wanted to go like Aral and Baikonur are so far apart, the country is colossal
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Baby Crying on Planes

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What should be done?
I saw a thread here posted on r/childfree and r/twoxchromosomes and figured I'm come help unpack some misconceptions about crying babies on flights.
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Don't Go to Egypt

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This man did more damage to the Egyptian economy than arab spring. Has anyone actually been there to experience it?
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In Vegas for a few days. Never been here, any recommendations/secrets? I hung out at a casino last night so far.
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