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Any cruisechad here? ;)
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Macedonia v Kosovo

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I have a car for 4 days starting in skopje

Thinking of driving either to Kosovo or to Ohrid and surrounds (Maybe have one day in skopje)

Was decided on Ohrid, but the weather is looking to be a bit shitty, so that takes the shine away a bit

Any advice from frens?
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paTTTaya general

From reliable sources I know There are secret meetings with the city's mayors and TTT Coomer Bro to discuss the future and Rebranding of the city for a new and better image post covid.

1. What can we do to make the city better Post Covid?
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>4 star hotel is 55 euro/night in amsterdam
>avarage rent is around 1300-1500 euro in amsterdam

how is that possible?
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Those who have been in Tokyo even if it's once

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Is it expensive?
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Where are the best places to visit in the world now Australians can't leave?
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Where in the U.S. can I travel to if I want to get a bitch pregnant? Needs to be somewhere:

1. Laid back, one night stand culture;

2. Where women don't use as much birth control (fuck with condoms instead, which I'll poke holes through);

3. Where women are not as likely to abort the baby;

How's Salt Lake City? This is all so I get citizenship btw. I'll repeat this scheme as many times as it takes for it to work, but I need the data to pull it off. Could be slampig lardasses, don't care.
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>7 hours amsterdam-paris bus ride is 15 euro
>3 hours speed train costs 100 euro

which one would you choose?
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Switzerland and south of France

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Gonna be there in September and October. I am perfectly fluent in French. Any tips for a 23 years old first time solo traveler? Must visit places? How's the hostel situation there with covid?
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Thinking about going to Kenya next month. Anyone been there recently?
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