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Live your myth in Greece
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Is He Dead?

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The definitive map of America. Did I miss anything?
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Does anyone have experience with long one way flights with no layovers? I am looking to fly from London to Perth on the one way flight on my own. I was born in UK, moved to WA at 8, then back to UK at 17, realized its a shithole, now planning on going back. I'm a pretty bad social retard who has trouble in public and social scenarios, is this too much of a task for me to take on my own? Is the one way better than layover?
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If I can carry this amount of shit in a $45 no-name Amazon backpack, a $12 no-name Amazon drawstring bag and on my person, and be completely comfortable during a 3 week European vacation, what the absolute fuck are all these retards doing with humongous rolling bags that they can't even lift above their knees? Seriously this isn't even that hard, just book a single Airbnb with a washing machine for at least 2 days in the middle of your trip and you can wash everything. 1 day if it has a dryer. Or just find a fucking laundromat.

Goddammit humans are so incompetent it makes me want to rip my hair out every time I travel.
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Cheapest countries with fresh water supply?

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Weather God is turning up the heat, we're all gonna fry! Best places/countries that:

a) Have lots and lots of fresh water
b) Are cheap
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Casper, WY vs. Gillette, WY?

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In terms of shopping, dining, arts, and the overall conservative presence. Which is better to live?
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Best beachside towns in America? I may be 19 and Australian but I can still dream about living the life that I want!
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Help me decide on a destination

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I plan to travel a bit after winter. I did some traveling before (Japan, Italy, Germany), but it was all with a friend or a group, now I'm going alone.

But since I'm going along I might as well try the other type of tourism as well. Note, I do want to sight-see, that is still my primary goal.
Was thinking Spain. Barcelona is great, nice coastal towns. I hear that the hookers there are not bad as well.

- in europe or close by
- things to see
- good hookers (no negros)
- prostitution legal if possible

So, any suggestions?
Have a cute jap
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Korea outside of Seoul

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Randomly booked a 2-week trip to Korea. I've already been to Seoul so I thought I'd just stay there for a couple of days and travel around the country a bit.

What are the best places to visit? I'll definitely stop by Busan for a night or two. Gyeongju seems nice, anywhere been there? What about Jeonju?