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Travel Hacks

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>TSA says you can't bring on more than 3 ounces of any liquid
>dip all your shampoo, lotion, etc bottles in liquid nitrogen
>they are now all solids
You're welcome.
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Puerto Rico Baby Boomer EXPO

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Anons I need one good reason why I shouldn't go to the baby boomer expo. I imagine it's a total rum filled GILF fest.
Why aren't you going to the boomer expo?
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Just came back from Cardiff. its an a fucking shithole filled with Pakis etc, its just vile all around.
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So my girl has always dreamt of going to Vegas and waste a months' salary on gambling, it's her money so I don't really care. As our anniversary is coming up I was thinking of making it a reality, but I am surprised at the prices some of these places are asking. I don't mind paying for luxury but a place like the Venetian (high end, or am I wrong?) is charging less per night for a room that is larger than my actual house compared to what I have paid for luxury hotels in eastern Europe. How does that work? Has covid fucked Vegas over or am I walking into a trap paying 300 usd for a room that would cost me double in fucking Prague or Budapest?
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Help me refine my travel plans? Ukraine/Poland/Czechia/Slovakia

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Solo guy traveling for exactly 30 days in this region. Open to any and all input; which cities should I cut/add? Is my plan too ambitious?
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How safe is it to travel to Brazil in 2021-21? Delta variant, gangs and stuff.

I usually trip for 1-2 weeks. Now I want to have my first big trip.

I live alone, work remotely and just need a non-racist neighborhood. I look somewhat Japanese and Native American.
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Central asia holiday

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I'm visiting uzbekistan, kyrgystan, and tajikistan next year. I'll be there through January, February, and March so I can do some skiing while there. I'll be visiting lots of the historical sites there. Anyone got any experience or suggestions?
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What’s the best way to find apartments to travel to a city for 6-12 months.

I want to live around a couple different places and I want to just get a regular apartment at market price or something without paying $1000 a week to stay in a motel or some shit and sit on the phone for hours every day ubering to different buildings

Airbnb has apartments but it’s horrible for anything long term like that everything is booked for months already
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I have a canadian business degree and work in the legal/financial field in government. I make about 70k USD which is a lot for Canada. I have incredible benefits, pension and a job that I will never be removed from, I'm 28.
I dream of being a world travelling nomad but don't know how my job skills would apply to a different industry and I'm also quite attached to the financial stability I have.
My job lets me take 5 weeks off per year unpaid, so maybe I can scratch my itch. I have no debt or major bills apart from rent, not even a car.

Is my dream of taking off travelling and working remotely feasible? Or should not break free of the golden handcuffs. Simply put I don't know where to start putting my dreams into action.

I own a seaworthy sailboat, not comfy enough to use worldwide, but good enough to learn. Idk maybe one day I could live across the world on a sailboat.
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Best state to live in?

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Hey /trv/, was doing research on which state to live in and I narrowed it down to 3 options… but since I’m not a local I decided to get some outside advice…

New Hampshire, Nevada and Colorado… are those states good n’ free or shit and California-like? If not then what recommendations might you guys have
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