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What kinds of travelers do you automatically dislike?


>people who have backpacks with "countries I've visited" flags sewn onto them
>hostel creeps who have no game and spend every night trying to get different women drunk
>women who have been in a new country for two days and are already meeting guys off Tinder and bitching about their newly created drama
>hippies who are inspired by the "spirituality" of dirt-poor people
>the dude who's been staying in the same hostel for two months and thinks he's an expert on the country
>"yea i been fokked up for da last week ay, why is i gonna be here if i aint' gnna party hards erry night nd trna fuk wid da local bitches ya dig"
>probably gonna get some shit for this, but people who sit around looking over The Lonely Planet and just plan their entire trips from guidebooks