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Vacationing on the Croatian coast this year. Beaches there are awesome so I go swimming pretty often. It's not too crowded, especially these days, when most people have pulled back home.

I got to the beach the first day and I saw this girl just casually walk into the water with all of her clothes on and start swimming.

This wasn't just wearing a T-shirt for sun protection, we're talking layers of clothing, jeans, tennis shoes. She swam for a while, then walked out of the sea, picked up her beach bag, went to the changing stall, changed into different clothes and left.

She was pretty, probs early twenties, and wasn't fat or anything, so I doubt it's some kind of insecurity. Also, that wouldn't explain her going swimming in sneakers.

Anyway, I got to the beach the next day and just as I was about to leave, she got there too and headed straight for the water again. She was wearing a slightly different clothes, but definitely not something passable for a swimsuit.

I've been going swimming to that beach for about a week now, and she'd show up most of those days, every time going swimming in a different outfit - T-shirts, hoodies, etc. She'd walk into the water fully dressed and then swim or sit in the shallows like it's perfectly normal.

I found it a bit bizarre, and no one at the beach seemed shocked by this. People mostly glanced at her and then went about their business.

I'm too autistic to approach her and ask her about it, but this is pretty intriguing.

Is this a religious thing or something? Why would anyone do this?

(pic related not her, but close to what I've been seeing)