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Where to travel if you're done cooming

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37 year old guy here. Had inheritance, made money from stocks/crypto, worked for dad's friend financial firm, retired now.

I spent pretty much off of my late 20's to mid 30's traveling around Europe and Asia cooming my brain away. I've done most of the luxurious stuff, as well as many cool local things that girls took me on, but I've just hit a phase in my life where I want to see something else, maybe something more meaningful.

I want to see holy sites that might be off the obvious path, I want to see what the world is really like (don't want to go anywhere too dangerous though, I "look" rich so I'm worried about kidnapping).

I want to see adventure, tombs, holy sites, religious monuments, etc. Or famous spiritual places, or places that feel like distant worlds.

What do?

By the way I have no financial advice so please don't ask. You basically need a lot of money invested over a period of time and you're guaranteed to win, any kind of yolo on options/crypto is gambling. This is why the rich stay rich or get richer, and poor people seldom break out (though it's possible)