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Bored of Earth

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34 year old fi bro here, got lucky with a tech based venture capital start up 8 years ago and retired 3 years ago. I've travelled to about 40 countries and I'm officially bored of this planet.

1) The deliciousness of food reaches a limit, and overtime it all tastes the same. Between 3 star michelin rated restaurants to hole in the walls to places only locals know, it all gets boring. You reach a point where food only tastes good when you're hungry, and at that point anything is good.

2) women, like food, have the same qualities. Over time all pussy blends in together, as do all women. I'm basically gay at this point because between prostitutes (high end ones) and tinder girls and girlfriends, I've fucked over 200 women. It really gets old, especially when you have the option to pay $1000-2000 for a high end escort whenever you want. Also, normal girls can sense when a guy has been laid a lot which makes you even more attractive to normal girls, so it has sort of a snowballing effect.