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Can you guys redpill me about Vegas?

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I wanna move there, not just visit. Here’s the appeal:
>no cold weather
>5 hours from Tijuana, cali, etc. (centrally located in the west)
>transience (I’m a schizoid and I don’t really care about making friends or getting close to people)
>world class food (meaning a vast assortment of cuisines)
>?24 hour shopping?
>hookers (but I’d go to TJ for that)
>cheap and available flights to everywhere in the world

I have no real skills and I just want to not live on the east coast and support myself. My demands aren’t high. As long as I can get by, save a little, and go fuck hookers that about does it for me. I don’t gamble or so drugs, and my only real “vice” is a few beers/drinks once in awhile. A bonus that I could see is somehow falling into the service industry there, developing some people skills, etc (hope and delusion)

I also just like a little bit of sleaze and shadiness where I live. I don’t want everything to be “good,” there’s a certain enjoyable flavor to a little scuzz in your life