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Dating scene in Seattle fucking sucks

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Im slowly starting to accept that the real reason why I had trouble dating growing up here is because women in the PNW fucking suck. Holy fuck, fuck this place. I am jealous of guys who live in other places other than this shit hole. All the good looking chicks here are transplants that end up leaving again. Legit slept with this hot girl last month and she said "Lmao do you really think I was born here? I don't look like the rest of the girls who grew up here". As a matter of fact, the girls that were interested in me were always fucking transplants. Either from NYC, Arizona, or California. Never a fucking native.

In my online dating experience, women who tend to be more outgoing and apporachable always the ones that never live in this fucking state. I thought the Seattle Freeze was a meme, but then I realized that all the outgoing motherfuckers who ended up being my friend were always transplants too, and all the extroverts from this state end up leaving anyways because they find out sooner later how much this place sucks donkey balls when it comes to finding friends.

Going to California, I was astonished how women are fucking direct and will show interest. Here, you have women who are too woke as a result, socially awkward girls, or 4/10s with a severe case of golden pussy syndrome.

As much as I love this place (because I grew up here) the dating scene fucking sucks BALLS. And it doesnt help that more males are moving here, especially the tech dudes.