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Birmingham, England. Worst place I've ever been

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I recently went to Birmingham, UK for the first time in my life. I've often read things on /trv/ and /int/ about the place but I didn't really ever have any personal experience with it. One of the biggest things that I've noticed however was that London, somewhere I'm VERY familiar with is absolutely nothing like how it's depicted online by poltards and the like so I tend to take the things I read on here with a pinch of salt- I went in with an open mind.

Anyway, got there and went to the "German" Christmas market. First thing I hear is blaring music (I use the term loosely) chanting "ALLAAAHHH" loud as fuck. You could literally hear it throughout the entire Christmas market. I look over to where the sound is and see a huge tent that says "ALLAH IS THE TRUTH" handing out Qurans and other Islamic scripture. At a fucking Christmas market. You can't make this shit it up, I wish I was.

We then went into a department store and around 80% of the people we saw in there were Pakistani or black, a lot of women head to toe in Burqas. We walk out of the store and the first thing we see on the ground in front of us is a drug addict face on the floor with all of this belongings scattered around him. Everyone just stepped over him like it was completely normal.

We get around the corner to one street with a load of bars and restaurants and see at least two separate women throwing up from drinking too much and man slumped over, the best part was that it hadn't even hit 6pm yet. Streets are absolutely filthy and full of Romanian gypsies with missing teeth selling roses, fidget spinners and handkerchiefs.

Honestly, the filthiest, shittest dump I've ever been in the Western World and to think that this was once upon a time the birthplace of the industrial revolution is quite sad. Honestly if you want an example of a civilisation in decline, visit Birmingham. I'll never defend this shithole of a country again.