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I'm a software engineer. I recently scored a fully remote job in the low six figures (<$130k) and now have the freedom to be anywhere. I've never done much traveling outside of my study abroad in Japan. I'm basically a shut-in nerd. For me traveling is basically going to be for the purposes of finding a place to live. Right now I live in Arlington, VA. It's okay, but getting tired of being around government people. I think I could find someplace better. I'm kind of torn on whether to move to a smaller city with a lower cost of living or to another big metro. The reason I'd stay in a metro is for dating purposes. I want to live in a place with four seasons that is beautiful.


Any places I should check out?
How do you get around without a car? Cheapest place to rent a car?
Cheapest way to check out a city for a week?
Is it even worth it to solo travel?
How do you "try" a place out?

Thanks brahs.