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I'm a convicted felon. I really don't want to make this thread about what I did, so I'll just say it wasn't any pedo shit or anything violent and I only got two years.

But the point is, probation will be coming to an end. I've always said one day I'll take a trip to Japan, and I have a few friends throughout Europe and in Australia I'd like to visit and I've heard stories about each of those places being impossible to enter if you have anything at all on your record. I don't want to do anything illegal in any of these places, in the case of Japan I just want to go to all the typical geek tourist spots. Google claimed if I try to enter and they decide to check my record and there's so much as a misdemeanor listed they will deny me entry.

Also, not so much for Japan since I'd probably just be on foot and use public transport, moreso for Europe, is it as easy to rent a car there as it is in the US and how likely am I to kill myself in a car wreck trying to get used to driving on the other side of the road?