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>Burger who went to Japan in 2019, spent most of my time in the osaka and tokyo area

probably had the best time of my life going to different parts of town and taking day trips out to the mountains,temples and shrines during the day and partying at night. one of my favorite parts was interacting with the locals, most people seemed very friendly and it was kind of fun to be a foreign curiosity to some people.
>Rush to buy tickets today because of opening of visa free travel before price goes up
>start doing more research and alot of the bars, stores,restaurants , and even the hotel i stayed in 2019 are closed
>japanese people are all wearing masks outside still, and seem to be more pessimistic and closed off from foreigners
my tickets are for November and im really second guessing myself, Vietnam was my backup and i found a flight to vietnam with a long layover in tokyo so i can still go out and check it out. Anybody have thoughts on traveling to japan this fall? Vietnam seems way more chill, my only turn off is that its still a partial third world shithole but that also seems to be part of the charm.
>TLDR: Is a Japan trip this fall worth it? or will it be a watered down version of the country i went to that will leave a bad taste in my mouth for Japan.