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99% of van life types are mentally ill

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If someone starts saying they are think of travelling the country/world in a van and living it in, they should just immediately be checked into a mental health facility. If you see any of them on YT, they are all the same try hard new age-y peace and love, yoga types who are so obviously laughing on the outside and crying on the inside.
These pathetic people can be spotted a mile off. And they seem to be everywhere today. This is fucking millennials and zoomers to a tee. Fucking disfunctional latte drinking, granola eating pathetic miseries.
This is the biggest problem in society today. This mental illness epidemic. These weak, pathetic losers with impaired judgement go around making the world a worse place with everything they do and say. Deep down they know they are failures in every way and so they over compensate by virtue signalling, intellect signalling, success signalling, and mental wellness signalling.
They are the scourge of society. And the existence, and increase in the number of these people is a leading indicator for whether society is going to get better or worse.
More generally these people can be spotted by what they choose as an "identity". When I say van life "types", that does not necessarily mean they are doing the van life meme. Anyone who is an "artist", a "foodie", heavily into yoga, anyone who is obsessed with coffee and talks about it on their social media, anyone who sees travel as an identity in general and talks about it on their social media, any of these things, these people are mentally ill miserable failures at life who are trying to fake happiness.
But because deep down they are miserable lost husks, the anger manifests some how. Usually by attacking people who are content and going about their lives. Misery loves company. These awful beings dont want others content. Their misery manifests in politics and culture. They try to ruin society and other peoples lives because if they are not happy, nobody else is allowed to be either.