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whats some essential /bearkino/ ?
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Are Daniel Craig bond films the best example of films you want to be good but aren't?
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Make /tv/ Straight Again

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It's time to stop worshipping manjawed waifus and go back to liking women with actual feminine features.

Feminine facial features:
-round not square overall face
-soft rounded jawline (can still be defined)
-slightly pointed chin (to avoid moon face)

Feminine body:
-full body, not fat, but no skelly
-full breasts
-hourglass figure, hip to waist ratio (not a home appliance used for storing food)

Show me you best feminine ideals, and I'll rate you gay or str8.

Inb4 "women" like
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LOGAN Spoilers

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Logan and Xavier were both affected by a virus created by the Essex Corporation that wiped out nearly all mutants, and caused them to lose control of their powers. Xavier accidentally killed several humans and mutants alike with telepathy and became a fugitive, with Logan always by his side.

The Essex Corporation's Transigen Program has been capturing the surviving mutants for experimentation and creates clones of Logan to be used as weapons, but they decompose after a few weeks. Head scientist Xander Rice then impregnates a nurse with Logan's genetic material and she has a daughter, Laura, with similar powers, who later breaks out to find Logan while being chased by the Reavers. Rice often reports to a superior, implied to be Mister Sinister, but never shown.

Logan, Laura and Xavier go on the run and end up fighting the Reavers led by Donald Pierce and an adult male clone of Logan called "X-24". Xavier is killed while Logan and Laura kill all the Reavers and Logan then kills X-24.

Logan finds out he's dying since his healing factor is fading because of the virus and will no longer protect him from Adamantium poisoning. Having grown close to Laura, Logan vows to be a father to her for as long as he has left, and they drive off into the sunset towards an uncertain future.
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Breaking Jumanji News!

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Are we in the middle east?
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ITT: serial killers

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What is the most realistic depiction of a serial killer on film?
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Hey, /tv/. I don't usually come here but after seeing a picture of Emma Roberts, I've decided that she's very nice and cute. I've never seen anything she's been in.

1. Which Emma Roberts films would you recommend?
2. Which Emma Roberts pictures are your favourites?
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What are some naturecore films that i need to watch?
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Tom Hardy lost whopping $3.2M making BBC Taboo

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>“No matter who you are or how much money you’re worth, $3.2 million is a lot of money to simply throw away.

This is a big loss
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>and your other gun
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