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>Incredibles 2

>Elastifags still don't see that Violet is superior in every way

imagine being home alone after a hard, tiring day and about to drink yourself to sleep as the depression hits, and then you feel a warm embrace and your invisible gf is giving you a playful hug

>but muh thicc

yeah okay
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Is it kino?
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Why is Bryce Dallas Howard as Claire Dearing so captivating in Jurassic World?

Without her, the movie would be shit. I literally saw the new film because of her and simply could not take my eyes off of her due to her incredible performance. Pratt was meh
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Joe Rogan has single handedly ruined the comedy scene. Every one of his “comedian” buddy is unfunny and leaches if his podcast fame. The only thread of genuine funny guy in that posse is Theo Von.
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Dammit, why didn't he win ;_;
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So how did the surgery go
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This is still one of the best movies ever made.
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Was she fostered?
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Actresses that made you go "Muh dick"
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Mel Gibson: "Hollywood elites are the enemy of mankind"

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What did he mean by this? Is he right?