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Does anyone know any good movies in the vein of movies like Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs, and Dazed and Confused where the plot unfolds in real time and all the storylines interact? Ive always been attracted to that narrative type--its so immersive, how we see the goingson of all these characters and their relations to eachother. Bonus points if the story is small scale instead of grandiose.
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>Colorado has significantly higher fatal accidents since legalizing pot
>Hey Jamie pull that up... huh? it says here that fatal accidents have gone down
>This is unfair, I can't debate two people at once... come on my show

who was in the wrong here?
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>time is a flat circle

what did he mean by this?
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Why hasn't this been cancelled yet?
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Why the FUCK doesnt Hollywood cast real women with real womens bodies in movies?

Im sick of these skinny androgynous twigs
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RIP, 2001-2017

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How will we recover?
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Do you have a wife?
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