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Holy shit, even normies hate it. Is this the worst case of bought reviews ever?
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Ready for One Second Cameos: The Movie?
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Star Wars: The Last Jedi Will Bother Some People. Good.

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>The Last Jedi isn’t here to appease the old guard.
Old, white male Star Wars fan? GTFO BIGOT!

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What's /tv/ opinion on Demolition Man?
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/who/ - Doctor Who General

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Jodie's Hangover edition

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Which movie was better, TFA or TLJ?
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>Do you have like a towel that you could put on?
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She actually fucking did it. She put a ridiculous, idealized version of herself in the fucking movie

Admiral Holdo
>Selected by Princess Leia to lead the rebellion in her stead
>Overthrown briefly by Poe Dameron and others because their puny apelike manbrains couldn't comprehend the complexities of her le stronk womyn plan (granted they probably would have been fine if she just took two seconds to explain it)
>After FUCKING A WHITE MALE fucked everything up, heroically snackbars herself to buy time for the resistance

Kathleen Kennedy
>Recommended by Lucas to oversee Star Wars after he sold it
>vilified by fans for firing Lord and Miller from a movie they've never seen
>has said more than once that she's willing to alienate some fans for the, in her mind, noble purpose of diversifying Star Wars

I hate these movies so fucking much
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MUH character assassination

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The Last Jedi's portrayal of Luke was in sync with his previous portrayals. He almost killed his father because he wanted to save people but stopped at the last second. In this movie he almost kills his Nephew to save people but stops at the last second. There is nothing else to discuss.
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Why is /tv/ ALWAYS wrong?