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cuties was hot as fuck and i'm sick of pretending i wasn't rock hard for 50% of the movie
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I don't get it.
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will you wear the mask now, /b/?
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Has anyone watched Succession?
I've never seen this discussed here
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>walk into pyramid
>girl says 'hey faggot stop making so much noise you'll wake up my mummy'
>what do?
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>''''''American'''''' Pyscho
>no guns
>no school kids
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internet will never have kinos like 2014-16 youtube
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off-topic /v/ shit if you're into those types of threads bros

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If the left is going to legalize sex with lolies then I'm with them

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I think the far right is basically correct about everything. However, they want to build a world where men can't have sex with little girls. I think that basically defeats the whole purpose of being alive.

There is this narrative now that the left is trying to "normalize" pedophilia. I think that's absurd given that the left literally created the idea of pedophilia and the prejudice and laws against it. If true though, then I'm going to take their side based on that one issue alone. Immigration, trannies, BLM, etc disgust me but life without little girls is 100X as disgusting as anything the left proposes.
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>I'm not Jewish
>Nobody's perfect