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Why isn't Suri Cruise a big Hollywood actress? She has the connections, the pedigre and she's quite attractive
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what's next for our queen?
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Can you recommend me some good kino flicks about the Ligma situation in Israel?
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>be me
>mid 20s uni student
>homeschooling this one 14-15yo girl (cant remember but i know she is barely legal - 15 is legal here)
>since day 1 she was shy af and always red when talking to me
>eventually she got over it and opened up and now she gets super happy every time i'm around
>i am basically 99% sure she has a crush on me
>i'm pretty friendly guy and we got pretty close but i still manage to keep my distance
>lately she keeps hinting lewd shit
>keeps finding excuses to playfully touch me
>even actually got me hard few times

The thing is that i physically really REALLY REALLY want to tap that. But rationally i know everything about it is bad, it would hurt me long-term, it would fuck her up mentally, it would fuck up my homeschooling job etc. etc.
Did any of you guys ever had experience with trying dating this much younger girl? And femanons, did you have 10 years older crushes when you were this young? How did it turn out?
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>finish movie
>google "[movie] ending explained"
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>spoil the winner in the trailer
Warner bros is so stupid lmao
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Why do people praise this trash? It spends easily like 40 mins of the film on another planet in which the events or characters therein have absolutely no bearing on the events that led up to and follow the sequence. Hulk and valkyrie are inconsequential. Thor does nothing but tell stupid jokes. No character development. No plot proggression. no set up for anything. No themes fleshed out. Any serious moment that could potentially adress hela and her qualms with Odin and the past of asgard is undermined by stupid jokes. What was the point of this trash movie if not to tell stupid joke and ruin an otherwise ok trilogy? Plz inform me. This movie is easily one of the worse but gets so much praise ? For what? It's just GotG 3.
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ITT: Movies where the hero saves the day with a split second decision
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I want to fuck Velma

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Am I the only one who wants to blow a hot nutt inside of Velma's fertile womb?
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how do filmmakers cast younger actors? do they have auditions or do they find them randomly?