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What's genuinely the scariest movie ever made? No bullshit answers
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You ever go back and watch old TV shows just cos they're comfy?
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why the fuck does this generally look worse and sound worse than x264 rips? did i fall for a meme?
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This is the worst Batman of all time, so fucking overrated

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So after a year I finally got to watching The Batman since it was so highly praised by everyone at the time.
>Even had people argued to me that it was as good as the Dark Knight Rises...what a fucking horrible take
How did this piece of shit get so much praise? >Plot is inconsistent as fuck and jumps around illogically
>beloved characters like the Penguin are shit in this movie; I mean how the fuck is the king ping like the Penguin such a fat pussy in this film?
Also Robert Pattinson has to be the worst actor to play the Batman ever, he literally has no emotion to the character and makes the batman seem like some emo faggot
And DONT get me started on the main villian in this film, 'The Riddler' more like the Cringler
>also wears a fucking covid mask the whole film
4/10 film, cant believe this garbage was so praised, even the IMDB rating calmed down...used to be a 9/10 now a 7.8/10 which is still too high in my opinion.
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Kate Mara has moved on from Ellen and has a new girlfriend in Class of 09. Is the show any good?
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Is this from something?

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Is there an episode of a tv show, probably a sitcom, where each character has an obsession or addiction that they try to quit like playing video games, watching tv, eating junk food etc. and they try to make each other quit their addiction maybe through a bet or something? Then I think the characters end up adopting the others' addictions? Is this from something or did I just imagine this? I know the contest episode of Seinfeld has the no masturbating bet, but that's not what I'm thinking of.
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>Bunheads bad even doe it's a charming little show
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