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Good evening anon. It’s rather unfortunate your car suffered a flat tire right outside of my home. Please, come in. Let me take your jacket for you. It’s rather rainy this evening, no? You look tired, why don’t you take a seat over by the fireplace while I fix you a drink?
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that was a bit retarded
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>lose the will to live
if only it were that easy in real life, amirite fellas?
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>When asked about her sex scenes in Wifelike, Elena Kampouris is a mix of bashful and and stark.

>"It's a very American perspective of us to automatically assume embarrassment equivalent to sex, isn't it? There's scenes of me being strangled and flung through glass in this movie, but people assume I had issues with filming consensual sex scenes. Funnily enough....I didn't. (laughs). I mean, it was cold, yeah, but nothing about the sex scenes felt...well, it wasn't unenjoyable. (laughs, then recomposes herself.) I'm trying to think of way to give it perspective so that I don't sound like a giant pervert. But, the short is, yeah, I enjoyed shooting the sex scenes and feel that they were both important to the story and tastefully done. It's okay for people to enjoy watching sex in fiction, and I don't like buying into the stigma that it's more taboo than a decapitation or torture. We're human.
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