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Brad Pitt is getting canceled for producing movies.
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any kinos about sexed up party girls?
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How do some actors get away with being bald? Is it because Ed Harris was so damn handsome and confident that no one gives a fuck?
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I just started Season 2 of the Boys. Could this insufferable feminist cunt get any more annoying Jesus fuck she says every feminist trope in the book.
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What is the best sequel to a movie?
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are there any movies that even come close to comparing to just videos of people freaking out in public? compilations of rural Americans in strange corporate/industrial/suburban landscape environments filming heated arguments over completely inane bullshit on their cell phones has some of the most riveting dialogue and captivating narratives on camera
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> refuses to do promotional duties for movies because he got so assblasted by a French interviewer nearly a decade a go.
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She-Hulk is garbage

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To the surprise of no one
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