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You now remember The Three Stooges (2012)
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Why haven't you watched the best animated TV show ever made yet?

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Tunshi Xingkong / Swallowed Star.

English translated on

It's a mix between Monster Hunter, Resident Evil and Final Fantasy. Top notch continuous action in every episode.
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Why has there been such a drastic decline in quality in Marvelshit in the past few years? It was never good, but it was never full blown schlock either. Compare She-Hulk, Thor 4, and Black Widow to Winter Soldier, Dr. Strange, and Infinity War. There’s a definite change in quality. Why?
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Brad Pitt is getting canceled for producing movies.
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any kinos about sexed up party girls?
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How do some actors get away with being bald? Is it because Ed Harris was so damn handsome and confident that no one gives a fuck?
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What is the best sequel to a movie?
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are there any movies that even come close to comparing to just videos of people freaking out in public? compilations of rural Americans in strange corporate/industrial/suburban landscape environments filming heated arguments over completely inane bullshit on their cell phones has some of the most riveting dialogue and captivating narratives on camera