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this show isn't funny but i still like it
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>feel like all recent modern movies suck
>watch this
>greatest kino I've witnessed in a long time
Bros... The Chan man did it again.
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Post actors who have played two or more iconic characters in this thread. Pic related.
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kinos from Pakistan?
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Star Wars Heir to the Empire in theaters 2026

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>Thrawn’s Imperial Remnant versus the New Republic and will close out the interconnected stories told in The Mandalorian, The Book of Boba Fett, Ahsoka, and other Disney+ series

>Directed by Dave Filoni

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Name another show this expensive with zero cultural impact.

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It's the cotton candy of TV: brightly colored, no substance whatsoever, melting into a sickly-sweet ending.
They released a trailer last month, season 2 dropping next month. Will you watch it?
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>Clearly not some infallible Gary Stu
>He's not even replacing Peter; they can and are co-existing
Why does every anon hate him so much to the point of pushing some Tumblr headcanon to be accepted solely to spite him and hurt his popularity?
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Avatar the Last Airbender is the best TV Show ever created.
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>Wrote as a pathetic, nasty, right-wing nutjob, sick and mentally disturbed individual, meant to expose everything Moore hates about the superhero genre and the right
>Becomes the most popular and beloved character
The fuck happened?
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