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You now remember Jennifer Love Hewitt
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What would happen if this fails?
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Sparta? THIS IS madness
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>Boomers and Gen Xers literally shaved bat symbols into their hair because of this movie
I dont get it what was the appeal
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>When asked about her sex scenes in Wifelike, Elena Kampouris is a mix of bashful and and stark.

>"It's a very American perspective of us to automatically assume embarrassment equivalent to sex, isn't it? There's scenes of me being strangled and flung through glass in this movie, but people assume I had issues with filming consensual sex scenes. Funnily enough....I didn't. (laughs). I mean, it was cold, yeah, but nothing about the sex scenes felt...well, it wasn't unenjoyable. (laughs, then recomposes herself.) I'm trying to think of way to give it perspective so that I don't sound like a giant pervert. But, the short is, yeah, I enjoyed shooting the sex scenes and feel that they were both important to the story and tastefully done. It's okay for people to enjoy watching sex in fiction, and I don't like buying into the stigma that it's more taboo than a decapitation or torture. We're human.
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Was it peak Moore?

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Kylie Minogue music videos are kino.
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Hi, /tv/. Portugal here. So, we heard that Netflix will now show around the world a series filmed in Portugal about Rabo de Peixe (Ass of a Fish). I am making this thread to ask of you that you please do not judge all of Portugal based on that series. Rabo de Peixe is literally the worst town in all of Portugal, all of its citizens are illeterate drug addict fishermen who speak with a retarded accent, like everyone else in the Azores. They are the lowest of the low in Portugal. Imagine a gypsy had a retarded son with a mermaid, that's a Rabodepeixense.

Also, reminder that the show will probably try to clean the town's image. If the actors appear like they have make up or that they have taken a bath in the past 20 years, it is a lie. Do not believe them. It is not a good representation of either Rabo De Peixe or Portugal. It's like judging the United Kingdom based on Pitcairn Islands.

That is all, thank you.