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What does /tv/ think of Charmed and who was the best girl?
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>lose the will to live
if only it were that easy in real life, amirite fellas?
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Why the FUCK did he do it?
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Five months until October

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Five months until I can suck your blood. Bleh!
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>He likes it
I will now watch the movie
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There are very few films out there that genuinely age like fine wine and Jurassic Park is definitely one of them. It never stops to amaze me what a great film it is and how it only gets better and better with time. I find it ironic that Spielbergo, who was filming Jurassic Park and Schindler's List simultaneously, thought that Jurassic Park is just some childish frolic while Schindler's List was his important cinematic statement, when in actuality it's the generic "le poor jews" sob piece that's childish here (the fucker actually had the audacity to film it in b&w lmao) while Jurassic Park is a great cinematic and technical achievement that required far more maturity to make.
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>All new movies are garbage thought
>All new games are garbage thought
>All new music is garbage thought
>All new anime is garbage thought
>All new books are garbage thought
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How did this become the third highest grossing animated film of all time, beaten only by the Frozen movies? Critics told us it was bad, why didn't audiences listen?
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What the fuck does this cunt have that's so special? Why the fuck does he pull so many views by doing such little work, all he does is read a Wikipedia article, maybe watch a documentary or two and maybe read a book and then record himself talking about it, all the editing he does is just cuts, he's often times too lazy to edit in any pictures.

>Southern charm.
I have Australian charm, that's nearly as cool.
>A nice beard and hair.
M beard and hair are practically the exact same except brown.
>Some funny jokes thrown in.
I'm Australian which by default makes me funnier than him.
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