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I play Frank on Amazon Prime's The Tick and we could use your help!

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Hello everyone. I am here to humbly ask your support for our amazing show!

To prove that this is legit Joshua Schubart who plays Frank on the show my twitter is @Josh_Schubart and here is a link to the AMA i just did in The Tick Sub:https://www.reddit.com/r/thetick/comments/bmbt5w/i_play_frank_on_the_tick_you_want_an_ama/
Here is what you can do:
Please take to twitter and use #SaveTheTick tweet at @sptv @TheTickTV @AmazonStudios and just get all up in their face about it!
Rate it high on Amazon and Rotten Tomatoes. It one of the only platforms that rates user reviews as important.
Tell your friends and family about it.
Keep posting. If your Prime membership is the reason you have the show tell them about it.
Use https://studios.amazon.com/contact-us and chose "For your consideration" to send Amazon Studios a message directly about why you want the show to get more seasons.
Thank you so much for all of your support! Let's keep it rolling!