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The main story line is a Doctor who got snapped in Infinity War trying to enter a multi-verse reality to be with his dead wife and daughter. Basically, the same thing as Devs.
First scene is Hulk and Pym giving a talking at a university. Niel Degrasse Tyson cameo. They’re talking about the plot of Endgame and time travel opening up multiverses. They take questions and someone asks what’s to stop them from doing it again and Pym says he destroyed his old particles and formula and Hulk destroyed the machines and blueprints so nobody could recreate what they did. The scene focuses on the main “antagonist” of the show (Dr. Smith) and he walks out after the explain they destroyed everything.

Wanda is in France living off the grid. She has a different hair style, glasses, and wears ugly clothes to try to blend in. She works at a farm taking phone call orders in another language. She lives in a loft in a suburban place and one night she’s drinking and its implied she hasn’t used her powers since Endgame. She uses her powers to create an image of Vision next to her and he says some lines from Civil war and infinity war like “I only feel you” and its supposed to be her memory of him. But then he says “find me” and Wanda freaks out and ends the image. She goes to bed crying.

SWORD is looking for Wanda and are tracking her. They pick up on her signal when she used her powers in her house and go to her location.