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Marvel Leak

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-Titania is the main villain, with characters like the wrecking crew making an appearance. The actor's performing as the wrecking crew will have their costume digitally inserted because they did not want their presence in the show to be leaked (Lol, sorry Feige)
-Banner and Blonsky have resolved their differences since 2008 and are mutual.
-Banner makes a joke about whether Steve Rogers was still a viring during the time he was with the Avengers.
-The same VFX they used to bring Little Steve to life will be used for She-Hulk herself. They had a 7ft tall green-fit woman on set as a reference to place Maslany's face in a digital model.
-The main plot of the story surrounds the government wanting Blonsky's record expunged for being a good boy while in prison. This likely has to do what Contessa Fountaine's organization is building to.
-At one point in the story, there's a case known as "Wong V. Blaze" that will play out. I don't know if this is Johnny Blaze himself, but considering that Marvel is building the Midnight Sons with Blade, Black Knight, Werewolf by Night, Moon Knight, Elsa Bloodstone, and perhaps Morbius it's no surprise Ghost Rider is gaining early traction.
-Yes, Jimmy. Matt Murdock (Cox) is in the show. Of course, he is. Now shut the fuck up.