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From here on until the end of 2021 we're going to conduct a survey to compile the essential films of /tv/. Post your list of essential films and the top valued films of all entries will be added to the chart.

All entries will count but effort is rewarded. Entries that has been posted following the rules in this post will be valued more than those who fail to follow the rules.

>The rules are:
1. An entry can contain any number of films between 1 and 100
2. Order your list from 1 to X
3. Use the suggested format for a list below
4. Use English title according to Wikipedia/IMDB
5. Add the release year in brackets
6. Post the individual film of a trilogy - if the film count as a separate film on wikipedia/IMDB it will be counted as such here
7. Suspicious troll-entries will be valued less than other entries
8. Suspicious double-entries will be valued less than other entries
9. Nonconstructive critique and complaints will be punished

>The suggested format of an entry is
1. Movie title (YYYY)
2. Movie title (YYYY)
3. Movie title (YYYY)
4. and so on...

The post below will contain an example of a good list and an example of a bad list, as well as the current standings

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