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Thor: Love and Thunder leaks

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- The movie opens with an action sequence with the Guardians. It's clear that time has passed as Thor is fit and looking stronger than ever while Groot has grown. He isn't quite as big as he was in GOTG 1 but is bigger.

- Thor is less depressed, he's having fun with the Guardians but he still doesn't seem in the highest spirits.

- Thor has somehow fixed Mjolnir(The original hammer) and is using both that and Stormbreaker in fights similar to Endgame before Steve picks up the hammer

- Thor is contacted by Valkyrie about Jane Foster. Jane traveled to New Asgard looking for Thor who wasn't there. Jane reveals that she has cancer and that she knows Thor so Valkyrie contacts Thor using the Guardians ship.

- Thor gets the Guardians to drop him off on Earth where he goes to see Jane, the Asgardians who are more advanced are trying to figure out how to save Jane. It turns out that they can't really help her and that she will die soon. Thor feels hopeless, like he's lost everything and is gonna lose somebody else he loves.

- Thor is determined to do whatever it takes, Jane however is weak due to the cancer and her long trip to New Asgard that she refuses the help.

- They flashback to when they broke up in Thor: Dark World, it also shows what Jane has been doing after that. Jane was snapped by Thanos. She returned but the side effect of the snap was that she got cancer due to the snap which is apparently now a thing. Jane has been doing whatever it takes to save herself but went to New Asgard as a last ditch to tell Thor who she still considers the love of her life.

- Thor goes outside for some time to process what's going on, he sees a show going on. It's a re-enactment of Thor: Ragnarok with Matt Damon, Luke Hemsworth and Melissa McCarthy. It is in the same vein as the one in Ragnarok but longer and even funnier.