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Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness Plot

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- Movie opens with Defender Strange (a variant) and America Chavez running away from a demon in a destroyed purple universe. Strange says that they can’t let the demon steal her powers. They are trying to get to a platform with a floating book (which is later revealed to be the Book of Vishanti) but the demon stabs Strange. He tries to stop it with a spell but the demon is too powerful. Strange then tries to steal America’s powers saying it’s the only way to save the multiverse because she doesn’t know how to use it. But before he steals it, he is fatally stabbed through the chest and falls down. America is captured but a star shaped portal opens behind her. She can open multiversal portals when she feels strong emotions. Before dying, Strange frees America and they both go through the portal. Strange then wakes up in his bed thinking it was all a dream. This is the MCU variant that we know.

- He fixes his broken watch that was given from Christine, then he gets dressed and goes to her wedding. One of the doctors from the first movie is the only person that greets him and they talk about the blip, and how it affected their lives. Christine starts walking down the aisle and Strange watches with regret. After this, Strange and Christine talk at the wedding bar. He apologizes for treating her wrong and that he only wants her to be happy, which she says she is and Strange lies that he is too.

- Then they start hearing noises and screams on the street and Strange jumps off the balcony, changing into his sorcerer suit. Strange uses a spell to reveal an invisible octopus creature (Gargantos) destroying the street. He then saves Chavez and they start fighting the creature. Wong also joins the fight. We also see a POV of Gargantos during the fight. They end up killing the creature by stabbing it with a lamp post.