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give me objectively GREAT movies.
dont give me mindless action
dont give me meaningless arthouse
dont give me boring preachy stuff.
dont give me movies before the 1980s. (especially movies from 1920s to 1950s theyre full of arthouse fluff) except if theyre really really good for that time.
give me movies that are not necessarily the same genre but still similar to ncfom
i think goodfellas is a great movie
i think memories of murder is a great movie
i think whiplash is a great movie.
i think no country for old men is a great movie.
i think taxi driver is a great movie.
i think movies like scarface, uncut gems, american history x, battle royale, snatch, etc. arent great movies. theyre good movies but they arent that great.
they just lack something that the movies above have but i cant explain because im an esl midwit.
i cant explain the criteria good enough because im a fucking idiot.

atleast give me movies that will be atleast as good as goodfellas or something

i cant find anything GREAT(not just good) to watch please help me.