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Kinoplex experiences

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>Go to kinoplex
>Get comfy in my seat in the back row
>Guy walks in and sits in the very front row
>He pulls a book out
>Movie starts
>Guy at the front is looking down
>Keeps looking up at the screen every now and shaking his head
>Looks around at the audience when people laugh or make any kind of noise looking opening snacks
>He finally gets up and walks out
>A few moments later the lights come on
>The guy walks back in and sits down and starts to read again
>He must not have been able to see his book in the dark to read
>Audience look at each other wondering what is going on
>Book guy nods to the projection booth and the movie starts again
>Weird but ok, no one wants to make a fuss
>Movie is harder to see now with the lights shining on the screen
>Large action set piece with explosions and loud music starts playing
>Guy shakes his head again and gets up and leaves again
>We think he's finally had enough and maybe the viewing can return to normal
>Suddenly the sound cuts off
>A few moments later the guy walks back in and sits down again
>He nods to the projectionist again and the movie plays now with no sound
>Everyone else is sitting there watching a movie that they can barely see and now can't hear
>Another two hours of the movie to go plus staying during credits incase of post credit scenes (Thanks Marvel)
>Someone opens a snack
>Guy turns round and shushes them for making noise
>Everyone is now scared to eat or even to move to go to the bathroom
>He makes a gesture to the booth again to pause the movie while he goes outside for a smoke and a piss
>He's not even watching the movie
>We have to sit there and wait until he returns

I honestly don't know why they let these guys in every time.