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what was the point of this shit show?

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what a waste of time. 7 years for nothing. 7 years of vince gilligan just masturbating and redditors lapping it up.

i had this artistic vision for the BB-BCS universe that i think Vince once had too:
>BnBa: how evil can fulfill you
>BCS: how evil can ruin you
and the way Jimmy got ruined was... nothing. Kim didnt even die. what a fucking inconsequential trash show. nothing really happened.
Jimmy should've ratted Kim out, made her go to jail instead of him, and then the series should've ended with him committing suicide out of guilt

so much deep, artistic potential, ruined for fucking nothing. GoT season 8 is nothing to this because GoT actually had a good run while BCS was always kinda meh and wasted potential