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In this thread, we discuss about chaos magic. Topics include the use of sigils, mantras, servitors, spirits, god-forms, dreamwork, transmogrification, yoga, meditation, visualization, breathing and drugs; methods for altered states of consciousness (excitatory or inhibitory); production and use of magical tools like grimoires, ceremonial tools (altars, wands, cups, swords, pentacles, scourges, daggers, chains, oil lamps, bells, crowns, robes...), new technologies, talismans and voodoo dolls; home-made techniques, procedures, paradigms and magic systems; sharing of personal failures and results, and of cases with multiple possible interpretations; Q&A about evocation, divination, enchantment, invocation and illumination; Q&A about octarine, black, blue, red, yellow, green, orange and purple magic; Q&A about sorcery, shamanic magic, ritual magic, astral magic and high magic; magical challenges, asceticism or Great Work; related paradigms like Neopaganism, Discordianism, Thelema, TOPY and Cthulhu Mythos; the pop stars of chaos magic such as Andrieh Vitimus, Dave Lee, Frater Alloy, Jaq D Hawkins, Julian Vayne, Lola Babalon, Nikki Wyrd, Peter J Carroll, Ramsey Dukes, Ray Sherwin, Spartakus Freeman and The Kite; podcasts such as Rune Soup, The Higherside Chat and Deeper Down The Rabbit Hole (Weird Web Radio); recently published or classical books and grimoires; and what the fuck you want. Be Excellent to Each Other.
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Ask a guy who deals with paranormal/weird shit regularly anything.
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Has anyone deciphered this yet?
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What does /x/ think about Scientology? Specifically the subject itself, I'm not asking about the church's human rights abuses. This wiki is fairly informative regarding independant Scientology. http://scientolipedia.org/info/Main_Page
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Good ol spooky stories thread

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Tell some stories I guess. Can be unsettling or just make you uncomfortable.
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UFO Highway

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Ufo hotspot; 37th Parallel. The fuck is going on? Is it because of the magnetic field in correspond to their tech? (you know, magnetic field around ufo to slippery-slop through the dimensions)

>Along this desolate, largely uninhabited stretch of land, mysterious things happen with eerie frequency. Strange flying objects. Thousands of mutilated cows and horses, drained of blood and missing surgically-removed reproductive organs, tongues and ears. Unexplained lights darting in the sky. Alleged underground military installations.
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Hey x how does somebody just accept enlightenment. I have proved to myself that enlightenment really is the beutiful experience. Some try to say it is just realizing the self, but it isnt. Its actually seeing the beauty and structure of the world for what it REALLY is. Its a beautiful feeling. Only im afraid to go back to it, I become too powerful and beautiful. Everybody talks to me and is in love with me. Why cant I just accept that life? part of me keeps wanting to return to my actual miserable life.
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/rep/ - Reptillian general

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Ego death

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Has anyone ever experienced ego death? What's your story? Mine was horrible
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I personally have contacted with three spirits through a Ouija board and I've captures ghosts on film... you?
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