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Occultism & Magick General: May Day Edition

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ITT: Shit that traumatized you as a kid.
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Why are satanists satanists?

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As I (a very agnostic person) see it, Christians pray to god, praise Jesus, avoid sinning, etc. to get into heaven in the afterlife. What about the other end of the spectrum? What motives do satan worshippers have to praise Satan? Do they WANT to get into hell?
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>merchant marine
>basically I help transport cargo all across the world
>with a shipment off the coast of Mexico
>weather has been good so far
>it's my turn to do night shift
>basically you just sit above deck and watch for pirates and whales and whatever else you don't want to run into
>its about three in the morning
>i'm basically dead on my feet
>cant leave to go get coffee
>everyone else is asleep
>decide to take a walk to try and wake up

>on the upper deck
>stars are bright
>stop to look up at them
>stars are really bright
>REALLY bright
>I blink a couple of times and rub my eyes
>look back up
>stars are so bright I can't even look at them
>every fucking star in the sky is as bright as the fucking sun
>everything is being lit up
>I can see like it's daytime
>then I can't see anything
>even with my eyes closed it's almost unbearable
>put my hands up to my face
>I can see the bones of my hand through my eyelids
>start to scream
>suddenly everything is back to normal
>it's night again
>stars are normal
>mind is absolutely fucked, I have no idea what to do
>stagger down to the med bay and just tell them something's wrong with my eyes
>I've got the equivalent of severe snow blindness
>tell them I must have fallen asleep with my eyes closed (???)
>they don't question it
>laid up for the rest of the job, have to take a few weeks off
>still have no idea what the fuck happened

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Who has the original pic?! I know at least one of you was in that thread and managed to save it. Please post it if you have it we all want to see this. If my thread doesn't survive or I get banned start another one.
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Lets Settle This

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The Earth is Round, prove me wrong

i want your best argument, your finest evidence, your jack in the hole. It doesn't matter I'll prove it wrong.

Lets lay two ground rules:

1. No Bible

the bible's a useless hunk of paper since it isn't written by anyone with actual merit, and especially no one that has any idea how the earth works. It's merit seems to come from the "god worked though the writers" thing that no one can prove or disprove, so leave it out.
(also if the world is indeed flat there will be better arguments to go off of without using the bible)

2. Infographics

by all means use them but they better be supporting a comment or one of your own arguments. If you throw some piece of information at me that either 1 doesn't prove anything and proposes no new argument or 2 is written by someone else and has none of your own commentary with it then you're basically proving you cant defend your claim.

Fair enough? Give it a try.
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What does 11:11 mean?

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I keep seeing these numbers, what do they mean..I know..the time, but I keep seeing them too often, and even I'm not a crazy person like most of you people, I suspect that there is some meaning in it.
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just /x/ related shit:

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let's share some paranormal experiences, creepy pics, videos, etc.
>RP is forbidden

I'll start:
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The Emerald Tablets of Thoth

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So I have decided to begin my understanding of the Occult and it has been suggested to me to begin with the Emerald Tablets.
Can anybody direct me to a credible source that breaks down each of the tablets, studying their meaning?
Also, what are some other good places to start regarding this topic?
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You are only reading this because you exist, if you didn't, you wouldn't be.

Perception of time comes only from our brain, when you die, that perception is lost and time doesn't tick tock anymore and instead everything happens at once.

Being dead is the same as not being born in the first place.

There is no actual reason light travels at the speed it does, it just does. Similar things apple to other laws of physics.

Pain is percepted as negative and joy as positive. What makes pain so hurtful? Why do we want to prevent it? What is 'hurtful'? Why do we want joy?

If we cut the connection between both of our brain halfs, do we have 2 selfs?

Why are we scared of dying? We know that evolution caused only the fittest who we able to survive to reproduce, but how does this explain being scared of dying?
Why do we want to continue breathing air so badly? If there was a God, why didn't he make people look forward to their last days? Even more wierd, why do even animals, beings that aren't at a level of intellect comparable to humans, scared of dying? Beings that don't even know who and what they are. Beings with no self awareness?
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