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Why does everyone hate this?

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Why does everyone automaticlly yell normie when someone posts about the twitter voicemail? Im starting to believe we got some government shills trying to silence anything involving this mystery...that or a bunch of faggots being autistic.
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Around a year ago I was browsing /b/ while on holiday in Spain. I made it to page 7 or 8 scrolling while bored as hell not really paying attention to what I was looking at until I noticed something extremely disturbing. A thread captioned with hexadecimal code and an image. I tell you /b/ this image truly fucked me up. Sleepless nights, insomnia, nightmares and night terrors. The moment I layed eyes on the picture my heart sank into my stomach. The picture its self was in a dark colourless room the picture was monochrome. The figure in the picture was a tall humanoid with a severaly disfigured head and facial features. The head was long a disproportioned, I dont remeber seeing ears, the lower jaw dangled on through strands on skin for the top of the mouth like canadians on south park. The hair was black and messy. Black blood was visible on the entities face. And its eyes, god its fucking eyes. They looked like a mix of terror, anger and regret. I dont have words to describe them. They were child like. I really want to see the image again, mainly because I need other people to see it to see if it has the same effect on them but also so I can try to understand why it had such a big effect on my life. Has anyone seen this image, If you have it saved please post it.

Tl:dr Im looking for a terrifing image i saw a year ago

also general terrifying image thread
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Why does the ocean scare you, /x/?

Deep sea thread
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I guess it's time.

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3 / 20 / 2018
3 / 2+0 / 2+0+1+8
3 / 2 / 1+1
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I will let you in on a secret /x/.

I don't know if spirits exist. But I do know science. And the absolute fore front of science right now is gene expression. Epigenetics. By introducing substances to our bodies scientists have cured cancer, autism and made animals way more intelligent than their brethren. All in testing phases right as I write this.

However there is an uncomfortable silence in the science community about the evolutionary function of humans holding thousands of unique traits ready to express and change our bodies. Like loaded guns ready to adapt us to any situation we face. And the implications of this in what today's society us like.

It has been proven that to visualize an event actually changes the body. Up to a 30% of real work out muscle growth has been achieved just by visualizing the workouts.

Violence, gore, pornography, betrayal, hate an bullying. This is what today's media consists of. Small children seeing their first assault before 5 years old. Witness of several massacres worth of killings before 10, all very graphical. Fed to them by unsupervised Internet browsing. What genes will be expressed? A child who thinks it has the right to take someone's life for holding a different opinion than himself.

To take it a step further I want to talk about occultic rituals. Gene expression has been losely known of by people for eons. An occultic ritual involving sacrifice changes people. Specially with human sacrifice, children's, sex. Our social nature has it encoded in our genes that hurting another person will give a backlash that will most likely take ones life. Therefore they need to change to survive, they need to be smarter and less transparent. They need to be able to fool people into anything they would want. Coincidently these are traits that let you become filthy rich in today's society. And so the pedophile rings formed. Spiritcooking and pedophilia is common practice amongst the political elite for this sole purpose.
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I am Yahwah

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I am in human form, weak and pathetic but the time is drawing ever closer.

I know I sound like a schizo prat. I don't care. I have to make this thread as we all had to do everything we have ever done.

All will be forgiven when the time comes. I was to blame for it all as we all are. As we are One.
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Sleep Paralysis General: telling the monsters to fuck off

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Let’s discuss tactics and stories about sleep paralysis and how to deal with it.
I’ll start
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I don't trust cats. There's something wrong with them. Dogs can be vicious and mean or loving but cats are just little psychopaths. People say they have a connection with the spiritual world but I think it's just the opposite, that they live outside that world. It's unsettling.
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Can I switch universe through choices

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If there is a multiverse with every possibility happening at anytime is there a way I can switch universe by making choices?
>be 21
>no job
>no girlfriend
>only positive thing to happen in he past 3 years is loss of 40kg and moving into a house by myself

Is there a way I can make my life better? Basically looking for any alternative to what I’ve got at the moment
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All this extra energy in the air

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Haven't been to /x/ in a while but what's with all this extra energy in the air the last few days? It was nice at first but now it's starting to feel like I'm suffocating.
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