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Alex Jones' Infowars got banned by Youtube, Facebook, Spotify, Stitcher, Apple, Pinterest, YouPorn, LinkedIn, MailChimp and Vimeo. Now their own website Infowars.com is under heavy service denial attacks.

The Chinese censorship, the 1982, It's here already, folks.
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War of the Gods

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It's no secret that many entities, gods, sages, and the like lurk this board. Which of you is the strongest? I'm calling you all here for a battle of the Gods.

Will you demonstrate your power and put the other LARPers in their place? Or will you out yourself as a total schizo.

Inb4 You make some sort of excuse about not existing to entertain the whims mortals, or about being the only God. You can do better than that.
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/div/ - Divination General

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Welcome to Divination General!

Come here for readings and discussion of theory/practice

Every method is welcome: Tarot, Runes, Cartomancy, Scrying, Pendulum, Cleromancy, I-Ching, Tasseomancy, etc.

>If you're NEW, please READ the STICKY:

>Guides made by some of our readers:
Rustig wrote this to help beginners on how to choose a deck and start with the tarot:

Thoth, made his own tarot and rune guide:

The Reader's MEGA resources and notes:

Hijink's re-re-revised divination guide:

>Some useful tips before posting:
-If you're a reader post that you're offering readings and what information is required from the querent; same goes for trading.
-Look for their posts in the thread to determine if there's an active reader, what's needed and before posting, check if they finished reading already;
-Some readers will refuse to do certain readings - respect that choice.
-Traders should respect that a traded read will be granted, as per an agreement of a trade. Free readers have the options of picking their queries.
-Bullshit queries will get bullshit answers;
-Making an air query (not addressing a reader in particular) is possible but doesn't guarantee an answer;
-Avoid making the same question over and over and/or to different readers in a short period of time, as this may lead to more confusion than clarification;
-Please refer to the Dream General threads for dream interpretation
-Provide feedback when applicable. We're a growing community, and many readers are starting.
Let's help each other to improve.

Previous thread: >>21285751
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I'm Pissed

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Good job.
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Unsettling ocean pictures

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Pics like these, pls anons
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>You're on the road to your house late at night and this thing comes out of the woods running towards you.
What do?
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what is it that you fear?
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Say “love and light” out loud during 30 seconds.

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Tell the result.
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(Supposedly) paranormal pics thread.

4D waifu edition.
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I just got some really good news
Hope everyone has a lovely week

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