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KB Card Thread

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Perception is your reality
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This is fucking great
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/omg/ - Occult & Magic General

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Irrationality Mad Edition

Library: https://mega.nz/#F!AE5yjIqB!y7Vdxdb5pbNsi2O3zyq9KQ

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Chilling movies

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just watched this. was pretty good. What creepy movies have you watched recently? got any good recommendations?
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Artificial "God"

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Hello, /x/

This is what is to come:

Elites have figured out centuries ago, that there is no afterlife. once you die that is it, you cease to exist.
In order to avoid eternal death, they devised a plan. to create a "God" which can give them eternal life, or afterlife.( This is actually what the bible talks about, the false Messiah who will appear on the third temple of Jerusalem. This false Messiah will have god-like powers.) To create a their god, humanity must reach singularity, advance technology to god like level at that point they will select one among themselves to fuse this god-like powerful technology unto.
This individual will cease to be human and become seemingly all powerful "God" with a human consciousness to carry on the elite's ideals and plans.
Eternal life will become a reality, they will control the world. until God of all creations intervene.
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And so dies the flat earth
Mods pls sticky until this board is freed from the cancer that are flatties
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if christianity is so great, why do christians commited sloughters, genocides, enslaved and tortured people?

>something cannot come from nothing; thus God
>so what created God?
>... well God came from nothing
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Can one unite the body and the spirit as one and embrace the “Oneness” without departing from
the great Tao?
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VAMPIRES.... I got bit once. However no marks, and no memory of it. I was unsure of it until i read a story from anon that was very similar. Truth is, they could be biting us constantly, and erase our mammaries.
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