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TSUKI Project Exposed

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Finally got around to compiling a shitty video archiving the rise and fall of the greedy Tsuki trying to extort money off of his followers in a false suicide cult. All of you bubble blowin fags, hyaks, and jews who supported this shit needs to be S H A T T E R E D. Tsuki is a Jew and Snoop is a puppet hyak. Systemspace is fake and stole all your money. Hope you retards are happy.

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What the fuck is up with Artbreeder? It's just supposed to be a database of images that uses AI to merge photos together in an interesting way.

For the human photos, you can modify race and features using the other photos in the database as reference. What I'm wondering is why these reference photos in their database look like dead bodies half the time.

Pic Related: I tried to turn a picture of a native girl into a white girl, but they seem to be using what looks like a dead Swedish girl as the extreme end of the spectrum for "white person". I don't understand why characters suddenly acquire wound imagery when you change their race using the photos in the database.

It's really creepy.
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Magick requests

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I´m doing magickal requests for a few hours.

>Post your wishes (must not be autistic or directly hurt other people)
>Post couple of your characteristics (sign/birthdate, nickname, unique birthmark or or make a sigil and post it here)
>wait for my confirmation that the magick is done

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Before I leave internet I need your help or advice

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There is something stalking me. It wants me to get it out of here. It thinks I can open the door because I've called myself 'spatula' and an 'in and out Burger'. I had a friend online who think I am Star of David.

I just had a man leave the men's bathroom door open and he was washing his hands. He told me to wait because he wanted me to open the door with his wet hands. That implies if we go into the water this force thinks it will open a door. I told it if I can open the door I need to be in a relaxed setting in a house and without a relaxed setting I won't be able to open the door

Any ideas what kind of force am I dealing with. This world seems a machine so how possibly, if it's the machine, could a machine get out of itself.

This force has been stalking my friend and I for many years already. I'll lurk and see for possible responses. It wants to be a pass-en-ger when I exit
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She succeeded in destroying the West. She is a spirit

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No strong family unit = Destruction of the West. Mara did it! Your fates are sealed. I am leaving with my friend. First there will be a Tsunami and then a solar flare that will go 2 miles deep. There is nowhere to go and save yourself

Goodbye 4chan paranormal. Goodbye glp. Goodbye my biological logical family of 11

This quote tells you REALLY what the Bible was telling you. You can move mountains:

Matthew 17:20, KJV: And Jesus said unto them, Because of your unbelief: for verily I say unto you, If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you.
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What is behind everybody is a black female

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She is behind the black pope and the Jesuit Military Order behind the Vatican. I've met her in San Diego and She is Narcissist and dumb as bricks. "They know not what they do" because they are scripted and controlled. She refers to Herself as a master of Dark Energy as in Black Madonna. That's why the poor baby women and black agenda already for decades zzzzzzzzzzzzz. The duality is fake shit and everybody is a nigger

Left are selfish. Right are selfish. Godlikeproductions is selfish. 4chan are selfish. My own bio family of 8 are selfish because everybody is a negro. I have lived over 5 years homeless and I could count on my hands the amount of people that have helped in my surroundings. You could be dying on the sidewalk and NOBODY would help.

I've done enough research to know everybody is scripted by a nigger female. She hates me and calls me a meanie. THAT'S WHY NOBODY IN THIS WORLD GIVES A SHIT ABOUT EACH OTHER, CAUSE YOU'RE ALL NEGROS DEEP DOWN

The only people that leave this world are those that have paid their dues and that are white. NEGROS HAVE A SCARLET 'A' FOR SHAME. White people belong to God. Black people belong to Satan. "If this world love you as one of its own, you would belong to this world"

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Mama Lisa Creepypasta

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Was it a real story, or is it just bullshit?
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I'm the nobody - AMA!

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I heard I had a following on here and wanted to check in. Very flattered and happy to answer any questions
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/x/ books

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What is the most eye opining book you have ever read based on spirituality, metaphysics, religion, ect? Mine was Conversation's with God (an uncommon Dialogue by Neil Donald Walsch. This book has literally changed my entire perspective on reality and has made me search more for the truth. The book was basically the book that gave me that push and thirst for more knowledge. I never see an /x/ book thread and I really want to hear about books that have impacted you on a spiritual level.

Pic not related
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I just received an email from a site called NormalPornForNormalPeople and it seems pretty sus, should I check it out?