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Sad Satan Download Link

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What you've seen on youtube isn't right. Don't believe that coward Obscure Horror Corner. He did not show you what was truly in this game.

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the nobody / the anomaly

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i never see anyone posting about the nobody / the anomaly here on this board. is it strictly a GLP thing?

supposedly there is this guy out there who is just one person, and he is basically a total loser who has never accomplished anything in life by societies objective standards, but by some virtue of his energy signature, or his ability to unconsciously effect events around him, he has been fucking with the illuminati's plans for everyone. they've been trying to kill him for a long time now but apparently haven't been able to. it's supposedly because of him that they haven't totally won yet.

he started out known as "the nobody" but that essentially morphed into "the anomaly". all i know about him is that he's connected to the number 13. lots of people try to role play and pretend that they are him, but there are also a lot of good remote viewers that are connected to him who can see him and understand what he is doing and they always report back. he peruses internet forums too. he peruses GLP for sure, prob others too. prob here too but im just guessing.

pic related is the thread on GLP that started it all 7 years ago.
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Myziam return soon

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Hello it I Myziam
I return give one message
I sync clock with your calendar and if correct I return 8
I will answer question at date not now
Need research language culture
Fix Leiba more
Planet called Earth
Male called Human
Human not look like Chicken
Fix camera

It safe
I return soon
Love all

-Translated English by Leiba
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"Positive Vibrations" is not just a saying, its real

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have a good one all of you wherever you are!
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Ask a guy who was legitimately gangstalked by local council anything. Since its all said and done I can discuss it.

>Inb4 it's in your head.

That's what the insurance company said until it was proven in court. And I received a fat settlement for damages.

>Pic related
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Jeff the Killer - Origins V

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Hey, /x/. It's been a while since we found the "original" source of the Jeff the Killer picture. We all know that it predated many years ago, LONG before that shitty Creepypasta; here's what we have found so far, and what we're trying to find from it:

>>The girl behind the Jeff the Killer picture claims to be Katy Robinson, a Myspace user that commited suicide on April 21, 2008.
>mentioned on chan's /b/, anon claims that one of the Jeff pictures didn't come from there

>>Myspace was created by Fabian Tauro(fabian_tauro66@hotmail.com), as seen in this thread here:

>>The girl in the "unedited" picture of Jeff has NOTHING to do with him. No, her name is not Katy Robinson, it's actually Heather White. By doing a reverse image search attempt I've found a Christian parody site, TrueChristian.com, with some hate e-mails and one of them are made by Heather White back in late 2004:

>>The rumor of Katy Robinson's suicide is fake, and there are no death records of her. Adding onto this, another reason is that there is a Twitter account of her that has been created around 2009 with a following link to her actual Myspace account.

>>One of the Jeff the Killer images were found on a Japanese site, Pya.cc, back in 2005.
>Early photoshopped one was uploaded first by user Mr. Mulholland around September of 2005.

>Second one (the "original" version) was uploaded by user Omega Bolt around November of 2005.

This is what we have found so far. Next post contains what we're trying to find.
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My uncle found this mason-looking letter in a library book a few years ago. I thought Mason/illuminati stories were just silly and fake until very recently. Now I'm very suspicious of this letter which has clear codes and double meanings.

Can anyone translate for me?
Or contact me at

On the back of the letter is a code saying

This is not a hoax. My uncle definitely gave this to me, and I've never pegged him as an occultist.
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real momo artist

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nanaakooo isn't the real artist of momo. if you go onto her Instagram where she originally posted momo she states (in broken English) that she is not the 'author' im guessing she means artist

after a bit of digging i was able to find the gallery where momo was made and a very useful article (it has to be translated) telling you the original artist 'LINK FACTORY' a Japanese business that creates effects for movies and other things.

Momo is actually called 'Guai Bird' which apparently is a monster lore in china.
i know a lot of you might not care but momo has spread like wild fire and has been talked about a lot recently so i just wanted the credit to go to the right artist because i love spoopy effects and the artwork that i've seen on LINK FACTORY is pretty cool

i will post links next.
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/omg/ - Occult & Magick General | Inertia and Necessity Edition

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>Liber ΠΑΝ vel Rubinus Lapis sub figura CXXXI - Ritual XXV: An Analysis has been completed.

>Last thread

As you all know, Liber ΠΑΝ is something I've been working on for the last few years, on and off.
I'd like it to be the most complete analysis of the Star Ruby yet, removing the guesswork, and basing (almost) everything in the actual contents of the ritual.
I've done my best to cite and source the ideas therein, however I'm still missing a sizable portion of what's necessary for this to be fully complete.

Namely, I'm lacking:

- Συνοχές
- Τελετάρχες
- Δαίμονες (specifically the original Greek understanding)
- The interaction between the Archons.
- The proper order of the NOX signs. (Satyr, please?)
- Links to the Tarot
- The *entire* astrology of the ritual (there's quite a bit there, please 493?)
- The Qabalah (which is messy as hell in its current state)
- The Eastern modalities and their role in the ritual.
- etc. etc. ideas are welcome

As far as my recent comments, I'll be withdrawing my activity from here as soon as I feel the analysis of XXV is finished.
I don't feel there's anything of value I can contribute here anymore.

If someone wants to pick up the OSOAA and run with it, I'm happy to take care of the technical aspects of the website.
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Alex Garvender

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can anyone translate his videos? I asked him what his purpose was and he said it was to 'make people collaborate with eachother like a family' im pretty sure he uses morse code in all his videos but im clueless when it comes to solving codes so idk
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