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Is there a spiritual way to make women like me more?
For some reason they're more interested in me if i practice semen retention, it's really strange.
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- - - OPRP Wide Broadcast - - -

Alpha Whiskey King Zero Actual

- - - Swordfish Lieutenant First Colonel - - -

This message is broadcast as wide dispersion for all active parties listening on OPRP, Aux-E, UN, Geneva, BLUE, COM, C-COM, Topsail, Contra-Topsail, KG, NTIA, and STICK bands.

Nemesis Protocol: The theory that the first active time traveler may utilize the technology to continuously prevent all others from inventing or discovering it.

- - - IMPORTANT EXTENSION - - - Contra - Harmonic Protocol - - -

Scientific and Technological Versions of Nemesis Protocol are Possible: An advanced enough species could alter perceptual fields of the universe, so that long range, interstellar, and intergalactic observations of all other species would be inconsistent with reality in such a way as to dissuade or prevent the specific scientific breakthroughs that allow interstellar and intergalactic boundaries to be pushed.

AKA - Don't want someone to know what a room looks like, even though they can see into the room? Fill it with mirrors and lenses.

This type of scientific lock-down on technological advancement is a very real possibility, and would create scenarios in which raw mathematics and observational scientific data that is actually gathered have wild unexplained differences. Macro particle physics may vary drastically from subatomic physics in terms of observation. The actual actions, were they being manipulated by forces above our control or beyond our ability to scientifically test, would permanently cripple and prevent us from being able to overcome technological hurdles, if the data gathered from witnessing the real events is what would provide us accurate knowledge to shape correct formulaic methods to describe the machinations of our universe with true accuracy.

Bell's Theorem may be the wool, we are pulling over our own eyes, to keep us from seeing the wool that someone else already put there.
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Obscure game/community around the onion network

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how do i know about these series? it turned out that a good friend of mine worked in these series and that's what shed a light into this obscure community for me.

the games tend to provide some form of connection for the ones that are smart enough to connect the dots inside the games and contact each other.

the most popular one that's been leaked the most is TYNQFNGNAPART3, which also tends to be the crappiest and was made by a new member in the team that would not collaborate at all.

thanks to that friend of mine i've also had access to a version not to be publicly leaked yet, his version, TYNQFNGNAPARTASSEMBLY which is an executable game made in 2020 that also acts as a botnet in order to function, he created algorithm that grab data off of 4chan threads and can offer some form of communication to the player if you know how to do it. i won't spoil anything else about it as it's still available to find.

these are the only videos i could find for this "branch" if you will, type of games.

https://youtu.be/SgddLI8B8a4 [Embed]
https://youtu.be/HHzBo4W9e2U [Embed]
https://youtu.be/PjCj48Uagq0 [Embed]

F4SPITAWOTCREEPY: (least connection to the series)
https://youtu.be/wnm-O64qRFg [Embed]
https://youtu.be/-Q7gtSM42tQ [Embed]

no footage.

no footage.

The only public download that i could find out on the clearnet of these games are heavily censored and does not bring the original experience these games would bring. and to be quite honest i am not definetly sure about the legality of some of these games original content as they definetly do tend to revolve themselves around subjects of gore, snuff, torture and probably stuff i have not witnessed yet.

i decided to shed a light into these series as recently i've heard from my friend that they have almost died off, so why not publicize them and spread all i know about them?

ask me any question and i will try to answer according to my knowledge.
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Does anyone know what this is?
This is mentioned in a pastebin, that gives you a link to download the RTQTNRPGKAXPART3 game. But this seems very mysterious I haven't seen something like this before, I tried the link mentioned in the pastebin and it gives you a download to a file. No download will be given here but if you want to read the pastebin about this mysterious game here: https://pastebin.com/LbZw4NHe

Hopefully we will get some information about this game and get to know what it is about. It also says that the platform for the game is Windows, but I am not touching that I left the link to the pastebin.
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Columbine High School - '99 Yearbook

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Anyone want to see some strange pictures from the CHS yearbook ('99)?

First of all - why is the cover red?
Why no blue or silver (the school's colors)?
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im back faggots and i got news

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as i said, this anon always delivers yesterday I said 9 o'clock pm est and on my clock its 9 o'clock pm est. io cant find the last thread I was, it was sometime around midnight last night that I joined it
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Semen retention

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Semen retention is good for you. Save your seed, man.
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UFO Knowledge

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I have intimate knowledge of what the US currently knows about UFOs minus the last two years.

- UFOs are primarily unmanned drones
- UFOs are built to spec each time they are deployed
- UFOs are created by a mobile construction facility that hides in the ocean
- Construction facility destroys anything that comes close to it and will disappear for days when approached aggressively
- US believes the facility has been active on earth for at least 100 years or much longer

Fire away on questions I'll answer what I can you won't be disappointed.
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SCP Foundation/RPC Authority thread: Suspicious activity edition

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Containment thread for all things anomalously scientific.

>Thinking is actually the feds posting in a horror fanfiction wiki in an attempt to dissuade the people from believing in operations related to the paranatural?
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I'm A Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence Researcher

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Hello /x/

I'm not going to tell you specifics, because the things I work on are so unique that it would be an instadox. However I can selectively show some interesting things that I've worked on.

Ask whatever you like and I shall tell.

I'll start out with some interesting stuff I've been working with.
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