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>be me
>camping innawoods with my long time best friend for a week
>he's got around 50 acres that spills into straight forest
>just the basics; tinned food, water, that kind of shit
>sleeping in the bed of my truck because poorfag, no money for ten or camper
>first day goes well enough, talked the day away while we fished
>head to bed, cap truck off incase rain
>sleep like a little baby bitch
>wake up around 7 or 8, debate getting a fire going to cook breakfast
>friend tells me he's gonna start prepping food, and I need to get fire wood
>walk off into woods with shitty little Coleman's hatchet
>start breaking down little dead trees, get an armfull of wood before I head back
>super uneasy feeling, like when you fuck up and you know it
>like someone took everything out of my stomach and replaced it with primal fear
>sketched out, but think nothing of it
>head back to camp with wood and spooks
>cook breakfast, consisted of warmed up canned ravioli
>not buying ice and a cooler so I can eat fuckin eggs in the woods
>eat our fill, pack up leftovers and head hiking
>made sure to pack stuff back into truck and lock it
>hike for about an hour, stop in a clearing and enjoy the view
>nothing but long grass in the middle and trees all around us
>enjoy the air, head back into the woods
>hiking back, food sitting like a fuckin brick in stomach
>walk for what feels like hours
>Oh shit, what time is It?
>check watch, only around 2 or so
>not bad, left at 11
>wait, shouldn't we be at camp?
>and why does nothing look familiar?
>panic mode engaged
>freak out to friend, gonna die in the woods
>he says were fine, camp shouldn't be too far
>walk for maybe 15, 20 minutes more
>oh shit there it is
>no problems here
> unlock truck, turn on radio to cool nerves
>not too far out, shitty signal but enough to get something
>relax for a couple hour talking about love life and shit
>no girl for my own, but whatevs
>don't want ravioli again, go fishing for dinner
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So if you go to google translate right now, select somali to english and start typing "pe pe pe pe...", each additional letter will present you with a message. Once you hit 54 or so, it starts repeating. This is totality of the message:
Starting with pe pe pe pe:
Here are the times
From the people
People from all walks of life
From the peak pe
Life up your eyes
People from all over the world
Worshipping the people
From the people of the people
People from all over the world
People from all over the world
Worshipped people from all over the world
People from all over the world
People from all over the world
People from all over the world
Worship all around the people
Worship of the people of nations
People from all over the world
From the tribe of Judah
People from all over the world
Hundreds of thousands of people have died
People from all over the world
Hundreds of people from all over the world
People from all over the world
People’s Democratic Party
People who live in idol worship
Sermon on the third day
Worshipers of the nations
The people of Israel and the people of Israel
To worship the people of Israel
The birth of the people of Israel
Rare worshiped in the nations
The birthplace of the people of Israel
Sermon on the mount of bounty
The honor of the people of Israel
Rarely be worshipped in Jehova’s name
Dad of all nations of earth does not belong to the peoples of all nations
A people of all nations, who lived in the land of Israel
Dad of the nations of the earth and of mankind
Rarely be worshiped in the nations of the inhabited earth
Dad of the nations of the United States of America
Towards the rest of the people, who lived in the land of Israel
Dad of the nations of the nations
Earthly people are worshiping the people of the land
Dad of the nations of the earth, the people of Israel
Towards the people of Nineveh, in the twelfth year of Euphrates
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Knowledge Bomb. [KB Archives]

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Many KB have been made and many will be made. This thread is for people to get caught up to date with all the information the KB's have revealed so far.

[ARCHIVE OF Knowledge Bomb THREADS(take the time to read all OP's)]:

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Hat world theory

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Hat world is the synthesis of flat, hollow, and toroidal worlds. It explains everything, including why ships disappear on the horizon, and how NASA was able to fake a picture of a round earth (protip: it's the top of the hat).

One day the proper owner of the hat will pick it up and put it back on, and we will live as one, warmed by the thoughts of the proper owner. We must resist the lies of the demiurge, and use the lost wisdom and magic numbers to find the proper owner.

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if your being gangstalked prepare yourself, it always ends with Ultra Violence.


the gangstalkers are hosts, which are people they've managed to snuff without anyone knowing and replaced with a host or organic portal or demon ectera, that's why there are so many of then, they can do this via the flu vaccine, about 80% are hot shots designed to secretly snuff the victom and have them replaced without anyone knowing

that's how they're able to get so many gangstalkers everywhere


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exploring worlds online abandoned game but the servers are still online it's one weird place too

wanna join me /x/?

also thoughts
download link:
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Ghost haunting Julian Assange in Embassy named Sedufia terrifies embassy cat

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Julian Assange has hired a psychic named Melissa Dawn Lirette to rid the Ecuadorian embassy of poltergeists detected by embassy cat
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01110010 01100101 01100001 01110011 01101111 01101110 01100001 01100010 01101100
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If you lived on a flat earth, how would you tell when you've gone "off the edge of the world", so to speak?
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