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I'm thinking of becoming a Freemason

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Unironically, will I lose my soul or will I be forced to make a pact with the devil or is this just christcuck propaganda?
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The hardest redpill for people to take

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The Buddha is our actual savior and Christianity is misdirection by jews
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/INVIS/ General

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/INVIS/ General #4


What is a Reminder?


[ ]


[ ]


A verbis ad verbera.
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>study Christianity
>study Neoplatonism
>study Hermeticism
>study Gnosticism
>study Buddhism
>study Hinduism
Still don’t know what to believe. All I know it something is real
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Never meet your heroes

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This thread is a reminder that Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble were in fact freemasons and active members of the Stone Age freemason lodge community.

If this information made your skin crawl, your self-preservation instincts are still fully operational, good job.
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i am starting to believe that we have different bodies, or planes, of existence. our material bodies are only one plane. but we have astral and etheric bodies too. these vibes, essences and life forces stretch beyond the material. for instance, i have come to believe that things we are drawn to, or that we find especially interesting or beautiful, are expressions of our higher selves
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Have you ever seen a UFO with your own eyes in real life?
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You have won; you have attained the aim of most researchers and scientists throughout history: limitless libraries full with science, information, fiction, and nonfiction. What did prior generations possess that we currently lack?
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Kava Kava

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Anyone have success with this shit? I've given it multiple chances but frankly imo it just fucking sucks ass and just makes you feel hot and mildly disoriented in a bad way. I've legit had stronger and more pleasant and spiritual experiences with fucking Lipton Tea. It also "feels" toxic especially the non traditional formulations of it

>drugs aren't /x/.

This is a shamanic etheogen used for ritualistic purposes by Pacific Island tribes.
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Just became a freemason. How do I leverage this to attain worldly wealth and fame?

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Just became a master mason. How do I leverage this to gain worldly wealth, fame, riches, and social status? I belong to a rural lodge out in the country, so I doubt I'd meet anybody from Hollywood here. It's just farmers and people come to lodge wearing overalls. Do I have to go to a lodge in a big city or something?

The goal here is to get into Hollywood.
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