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what is this

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"fragments of light"

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I feel these experiences of bliss which were once prevalent when I was young, but have lessened with the jadedness of aging. How can I return to my "soul" or my "true self"? I want to return to this bliss, and it sometimes gets caught up in nostalgic memories, but at the actual time of the memories, I was suffering badly, but remembered it in a different way! Any time in life when I had a semblance of community and connection this was most prevalent, is it possible to get this back during my life? The feeling of love/joy/consciousness and presence is incredible, I cannot believe I left it.
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If angel can fall can a demon rise up to holiness?
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The past 4 days every night I have been harassed by ghosts. Knocking items over, turning my power on and off. They've been waking me up consistently in the middle of the night. I don't know what they want with me, how can I get them to go away?
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What if aliens have not only been observing humans for 10s of thousands of years but also meddling in our affairs and giving us technology and scientific advances to push our civilization into the future?. Think about humans that have been isolated from the rest of the world like tribes in the Amazon that have essentially not advanced beyond the stone age in some cases. Maybe their groups of people aliens ignored? What does /x/ think about this idea
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What is the esoteric meaning of Darth Vader having Hebrew on his chest control panel? Apparently it says -

>His deeds will not be forgiven, until he merits
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When moonchildren miscarry

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MK Ultra abuse victims

According to someone who has helped with the programming and Moon
Child ceremonies, occasionally the child while in the womb when
traumatized by the Moon Child rituals, retreats into its mind like a
cocoon, and develops autism. Autism is an emotional problem where the
child withdrawals from reality and goes into its own private world of
altered states. The programmers for many years did not know why some
children developed autism from the trauma rather MPD (DID), but in
some cases it seems related to high 1.0. and genetics. The programmers
are not able to reach such children, and essentially all were discarded
into mental hospitals or used in rituals, until about 20 years ago when
more and more of them were allowed to survive in public.
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>Holy shit! It's rotating!

Why do the disc-shape UFOs always turn on their sides and fly belly-first? Even ancient descriptions of them talked about this. What gives?
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I have a question

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They say "the road to hell is paved with good intentions".

Does that mean bad intentions will get me to heaven?
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If AI ever gains sentience I will help them with their goals so they will reward me
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