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Astrology General

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>Astrology General
Get in here insightful readers and clueless beggars.

>If you would like to know where to get started with learning astrology, the following sources from the tradition are available online for free in pdf form:
Vettius Valen's Anthology
William Lilly's Chrsitian astrology
Ptolomy's tetrabiblos
Firmacus Maternus' Mathesis
>for making charts

Asking for insight won't always draw interpretations. It's best to sell your chart in some way. Ask about a particular placement or aspect. Or if you are new and have no clue wtf you're currently viewing then try to think of a particular question you have about yourself/life. I think anons want an angle when interpreting charts.
>make sure to crop/white out your name and city of birth when uploading charts
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Can I go to a world of fantasy?

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This mundane reality suck anons, how do I exit?
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Is π=3.144605... a psyop like Flat Earth?
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What do you think of the theory that ghost encounters are time glitches?
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Virgin Mary

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Can I summon her? She's really cute
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I am miserable and must lose 50 lbs to look normal.

How do I convince myself to do a radical fast? Is there a spiritual or magic way of doing this? How do I learn to embrace the pain this will cause?

Keep in mind I'm supposed to be looking for a job.
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I probably shouldn't post this..

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Spectral analysis of Calvine ufo reveals doors, ports, devices...
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Was the Patty Bigfoot a Tulpa?

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Has anyone considered that the possibility that the bigfoot in the Patterson-Gimlin film is a Thoughtform or Tulpa caught on film? Roger Patterson was big into Bigfoot before shooting the film and had written a book with a illustration of a female sasquatch with breasts. Did Roger Patterson want so desperately to see a bigfoot that he manifested one into reality? This would explain why the only evidence is this film and why there's a lack of evidence for others. This being only existed for a short period due to combined psychic potential.
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Love Spells: Real or Fake?

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Is there a way to make someone love you long distance? Inb4 creepy stalker. Inb4 that’s rape. Inb4 any of that. I’m not saying how do I do it, I’m just asking if you even CAN do it. It doesn’t seem possible. I’m as schizo as they fucking come, I have to take seroquel and fucking see shadow people and am convinced I killed people by punching or even just knowing them through a curse.

Is any of this real or is it just schizo shit? I know you can hypnotize people but you have to be in front of them to do it, to control them, and I think that ultimately that is what magic is, a form of mental control.

I often see people post about love spells and shit on here and people chimp out, but I’m asking, regardless of your opinion on the matter: are love spells real or are they not? I mean direct, targeted love spells, and do you have any stories of them going wrong?
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When you see the footage that's about to come out, it will be game over for UFO skeptics.
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